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Digital Art is an image in which all elements are created solely on a computer. It is a rapidly growing field of art that offers challenges not found in other mediums. On you can learn this form of art and also improve your skills as a digital artist. is an online community of artists and emerging artist looking to market, share and grow.

  • Beginner to Pro - Learn from feedback that will be written on everything you submit. All skill levels supported.

  • Contests - Participate in free art contests and you can win cash prizes. At least twelve contests are always open (and always free) to premier members. You can also create your own contests or join contests that other members have created.

  • Rankings - If you are talented enough you can earn a top digital artist rank or even the #1 spot. Every comment counts towards your rank which is calculated nightly.

  • Magazine Subscription - Your membership includes a subscription to "Lava Flow" our online magazine for artists of all types.

  • Showcase and Sell - We provide an online gallery and portfolio that you can use to share your work. You can optionally sell your digital art commission free. Accept all major credit cards.

  • Fun - Enjoy an online experience with no match. Put your art to work for you and enjoy the friendly and competitive nature of

  • Great Value - Free membership will get you started. Premier membership is as low as $2.80 per month. Order risk-free with our trial membership.

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