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Longing in the rain by MinoYasue
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Category: Romance Mixed Media Traditional Art Posted: May 3, 2009 Mixed Media: Some

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Artist Notes
There is a lot of rain in Japan, and there are also a lot of love songs comes from rain. It seems to be a part of Japanese pop culture. I will introduce one of them.
It goes like this...

Longing him in the rain

Even though he is fading away from my heart,
My lap still remember the weight of him,
He used to smoke a cigarette lazily,
using my lap as a pillow.
I hate him,
I love him,
I hate him,
I love him,
The mixed emotion goes round endlessly with time,
But today, I miss him....
Rain, Rain, more rain...
Bring my dearing back to me ....
Rain, Rain, more rain...
Bring my dearing back to me ...

The background is acrylic painting.
The dress is made by flower base photo
The face is digitally painted.

acrylic painting, digital painting, mixed meida ph

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MinoYasue is originally from Japan and currently live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Even if Art is her life time passion, she has chosen a Genomic Engineer as her profession. She painted on and off in all her life, but she started to paint seriously since 2006 after a life threatening accident. She has worked as a graphics artist at the University of Calgary for the 1988 Winter Olympic. Besides that, she is more or less a self-taught artist even if she has taken several art classes as she felt needed. Yasue's art can be classified as expressive as she wishes to leave a visual record in form of art from the event or incident she feel very strong about in every day's life. Even though she has worked in many different media, her current primary focus is on oil. Many say that her Japanese cultural influence is quite strong in her works. She has started to think about public exposure only q ...

The winner of the Artwork of the Month Contest. You can view her the winning art here. The winner of the Photographed Art contest. View her winning entry here. A contest winner. View her winning entry here

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