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Unusual Contest Entry 
A Smile in the Sky by cleo85
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Category: Nature Photography Posted: February 13, 2010 Mixed Media: None

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Artist Notes
This Upside down Rainbow is real. It is also known as Circumzenital or Bravais Arc. It is an optical phenomenon similar to a rainbow but arises from refractions of sunlight through horizontally orientated ice crystals often as in the photo in cirrus clouds. The arc also commonly called ???a smile in the sky??? forms no more than one-quarter of a circle centered on the zenith and on the same side as the sun. The colors are from blue on the inside to red on the outside of the arc. They are stronger and purer than those of a rainbow because the colors are less overlapping in this formation.
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Camera Sony DSC-H9
Focal length 5mm
F# f/5.6
Exposure 1/640 sec
ISO 100

Traditional Phoyography, no mixed media

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cleo85 is a 65 old German currently in San Antonio, Texas where she is trying to come over the recent loss of her husband, a US Navy veteran of 20 years service. Both were living by choice with a dog and four cats at the Yucatan Peninsula [Mexican Caribbean] for the last 18 years until the increasing health problems of her husband mad a relocation necessary. She has a degree in performing arts. Everything else is including languages is only self education. She apologizes for any violations of English, Spanish or any other Language. Painting, Photography and Writing are lifelong addictive hobbies.

She is a ranked traditional photographer and is currently at the #76 spot on this years rankings.

She is a top ranked mixed media photographer and is currently at the #22 spot on this years rankings.

A contest winner. View her winning entry here

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #56 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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