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Timeless by Ramesh19
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Category: Expressive Photography Posted: December 12, 2010 Mixed Media: Minor

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Artist Notes
" Now what is 'time' and what is 'space'? Time is nothing but that interval which exists between two ideas. One idea arises in our mind and another idea follows it, and that succession, the interval between the two ideas is called 'time'. Space means co-existence. That is, if you think of yourself as standing or sitting here and think at the same time of some other point which is outside of yourself, and if you hold these two thoughts, that which separates them is called space. Consequently, 'time' and 'space' both depend upon the existence of our mental condition.

When you analyze in that way, you find that everything in the phenomenal world is within 'time' and 'space', but if you can go beyond 'time' and 'space', you rise above your mental states. So long as there is 'time', there is 'space', there is the mental activity on the phenomenal plane, and if you rise above 'time' and 'space', you come to the absolute reality that is unconditional, that has neither beginning nor end. All the phenomenal bodies like the earth, the sun, the moon,our human body ,and anything that we perceive with our senses, have a beginning, and, consequently , must have an end. That is what we mean by the realm of 'time'."

- from "Mystery of Death - A Study in The Philosophy and Religion of The Katha Upanishad" by Swami Abhedananda (Ramakrihsna Vedanta Math)

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Kanages Ramesh is a poet,songwriter and composer. He has produced a musical album comprising 10 of his songs "The Poet Tree" which is currently being promoted by a reputed International Music Website. He is a distinguished member of the International Society Of Poets ,USA, and the lyrics of his song "Moonlight bird" was one of only 33 poems chosen from around the world by the International Library Of Poetry for inclusion in their album "The Sound of Poetry". His creations reflect his outlook on life "All things by nature are transient, and it is up to us to seek and express the eternal amongst the ephemeral ". His interest in photography is only as a medium for storytelling and for creating poetry. He is currently working on a book of poetry & prose "Day Lily Eternity" , to be released soon. His web address is (Email: )

Through Art to bring an Appreciation for All Life.

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