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Family Photography Contest Entry 
Turkish Family Life by david F
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Category: Family Photography Posted: October 16, 2011 Mixed Media: None

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Artist Notes
Before setting of on a two week hike along Turkeys Lycian Way (350 miles of it ) I read several guides, all of them mentioned how hospitable the people were, especailly country folk (up till this trail being created in about 2002 some of these more isolated comunities had never seen europians , it was suggested also that you took small presents to give to them or their children as thank you,s for their hopitallity , I took pens and bright post cards showing the area i lived back in england .
this is taken in one such hamlet , mid morning , they had given me tea and cake while i rested , you can imagine i hope from this picture how little they seem to have and how basic their existance , yet so so welcoming and generous , (the little girl,
nestled between her mother and grandmother is clutching one of the postcards and pens), not the best photographically but hope it captures not only what ive tried to say but also your own imagination

cropped slightly

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david F
David is from the north of England and recently retired having had his own small construction company for 42years. He always tended to lean to more physical passtimes i.e. hiking , running , cycleing and tai chi, only dabbleing occasionally in art and photography, Now retired he has found the time to spend trying to develope his art , only taking photo,s whem on holiday or weekends away , but still see,s photography as an extension to the way he views art , applying the same rules and aspirations

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