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The Cold Winter - Photography (c) Contest Entry 
Crystalline Designs by helvi2
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Category: Seasonal Photography Posted: February 3, 2012 Mixed Media: None

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Artist Notes
This beautiful shot was taken at a nearby brook. The water really flows fast down the brook and creates some fasinating scenes.The ice around the edges of the water on this day really created a lovely scene. Though I have a shot similar to this here, this one is without the splash I hope you enjoy!

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The creative Bug really sank its teeth into Helvi. She is a member on Fan Story as well as here on Fan Art.

On both sites her primary interest is nature. Mixed Media and photography are two subjects that keep her busy here.

She loves to experiment with mixed media and might surprise you by creating birds,animals, butterflies and flowers from her backdoor screen. You might even see her poetry as the actual image she is writing about.A picture done in words.

She's well aware of nature's natural beauty too, along with all the creatures within it.

An anxiety/depression disorder has plagued her for her entire life. Finding courage to respond to you and write reviews is not an easy task for her so please accept her appologies for not always getting it done.

PLease know she is grateful to everyone who views her work and reads every single review. Your remarks mean a lot to her. She is proud to be among such incredible artist and pho ...

She is a top ranked mixed media photographer and is currently at the #71 spot on this years rankings.

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