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For The Birds - Photography (i) Contest Entry 
The walker by willie
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Category: Nature Photography Posted: February 11, 2012 Mixed Media: None

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Artist Notes
I was sitting in my car at a local public fishing lake watching this bird. He had flown in and landed on a guard rail near the car, he went to the waters edge and walked slowly watching for fish. I guess he was curious because he walked toward my car with his neck stretched out and went right past me. I think he was checking me out! I am using an Olympus E3 camera ISO 400 with a 70-300mm lens 750/sec f8

Cropped and adjusted contrast

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Hello! My name is Willie Powell.
I have been interested in photography all my life. My dad is the one that taught me just enough to get me going. He had a darkroom & he taught me to know my way around in there. I took my first wedding when I was sixteen. I was really nervous. Untill you shoot one you will never know the pressure of getting it right. I am the photographer of Powell Photography. I take portraits, senior, engagement, wedding, and family pictures, or anything else you might want. I really like nature & portraits the best.
I worked at a metal stamping factory as a tool & die designer for 32 years, using different cad systems, the latest was pro-e wildfire. The managmet mistreated me & I decided I did not have to take it, so I retired, went out and bought an olympus E3 camera and some lenses, so now I can do what I've always wanted to ...

He is a top ranked mixed media photographer and is currently at the #31 spot on this years rankings.

A contest winner. View his winning entry here

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