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Berry good Time by sandysartstudio
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Category: Nature Traditional Art Posted: February 11, 2012 Mixed Media: None

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Artist Notes
I took the photo of the berries in New Zealand and I have no idea what they are. After taking so long to do the painting I decided to add a frog. I was happy with the finished art work but by adding the frog it gave me extra time at the painting. The painting is done in gouache and then pastels to finish off. so it is a mixed medium. i have never used gouache before. A friend had been at me for years to try it but I never did so. I think I will be using it quite a bit now that I have "discovered" it. I will try it on watercolour paper next time but it did work quite well on pastel paper. Enjoy and let me know of any errors. I did forget to put in his glint in his eye so will go back and put that in. Enjoy

Gouache and pastels on pastel paper

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sandysartstudio, is the home of artist Sandra Sengstock-Miller. Sandy paints mainly wildlife and animals but is very lucky as she can turn her brush or pastels to most subjects. you can view sandy's other art at

In 2000 Sandy was chosen for the Faber Castell wildlife exhibition at the Faber Castell castle in Germany. Sandy's chosen artwork a pastel, sold

The year 2004 saw her head to Bristol in England for an International Wildlife Art Exhibition where her art was being exhibited.

Sandy has exhibited in many many joint exhibitions and has had 2 solo exhibition. Sandy has won major art awards.

Sandy also helps to organize a group of 15 professional wildlife artists for exhibitions though out Queensland Australia.

Sandy's art work of her Southern Cassowary was chosen from Internatonal artist to make finals at St James Court Mall galleries in London in 2010.

Sandy has drawn right from a sma ...

The winner of the Artwork of the Month Contest. You can view her the winning art here.

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