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Abstract Garden by janvan723
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Category: Abstract Traditional Art Posted: April 9, 2012 Mixed Media: None

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Artist Notes
This painting is a broad interpretation of a garden that defies gravity and has a broad range of vivid colors. A garden is expressed thru a wide range of shapes and colors. This was a fun piece to work on.

Acrylic on heavy acrylic paper

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I retired from the corporate world in 2005 and have enjoyed spending more time on my hobbies and interests. I have opened a little side business baking and decorating cakes. This is another artform that I've discovered to be fun and you can eat it. My 2nd book is in the beginning stage and I plan to devote more time to writing as well as more time painting in the next several months. I find that I barely get one piece finished before my mind starts spinning the next project idea. I hope by sharing some of my work will bring a little joy to others that view it.

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