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God has no grandchildren

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Comment from nutsey

Nice photo, lovely details on the church, good clarity and nice to the eye, soft colors work well. Nice presentation. Thanks for posting.

 Comment Written 16-Nov-2010

reply by the author on 16-Nov-2010
    Thank you! Deeply appreciate your kind review! Ramesh :)
reply by nutsey on 16-Nov-2010
    You are welcome.
Comment from Mr Jones

well said in the artists notes and awesome capture. this is a really magnificent picture. unusual and mystic colours. the figure to the left are an added bonus and this is quite a challenging work visually and dynamic to.

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 Comment Written 15-Nov-2010

reply by the author on 16-Nov-2010
    Thank you Mr Jones! Glad you noticed the figures to the left. They are an integral part of the story. Thank you also for noticing the challenge involved in presenting the story; everything fits in with the story. The light and colors in the foreground highlighted and contrasted with the mist in the background ,to provide the clarity found when the 'mystic' veil is lifted. Deeply appreciate your review and high rating! Ramesh :)
Comment from naturephotography

looks like HDR photo

love the rich color and tones throughout

mist is great in the background

excellent focus and details on subjects

nicely composed and framed

thanks for sharing


 Comment Written 14-Nov-2010

reply by the author on 16-Nov-2010
    The definition was enhanced in 'photoscape' a free photo software, with the colors highlighted. Deeply appreciate your kind review! Ramesh :)
Comment from Smurphgirl

This is a beautiful photograph that goes perfectly with your awesome notes. I enjoyed both immensely and found the subject very thought provoking. Keep up the great work.

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2010

reply by the author on 16-Nov-2010
    Thank you Sasha! Thank you also for appreciating the notes and making the connection. Glad you enjoyed both immensely. Deeply appreciate your inspiring review! Ramesh :)
Comment from V Tow

I love your picture. I think it has all the elements of a great shot.
I have read your notes several times and am having a hard time with your message but I'm not here to judge your words.
Composition is great in this.
Color harmony is also great.
Overall a great picture.

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2010

reply by the author on 16-Nov-2010
    I understand.:) The interpretation would be personal, hence individual. So is the journey! I hope they did not offend you. Deeply appreciate your review! Ramesh :)
Comment from willie

Nice shot. This is a very unusual scene. I really like the fog in the background. I read your note, Dying, if you believe in Jesus Christ is our lord and savior, is just a process to join him in heaven. Dying is just going through a door. This has been a pleasure to view and to read your note. Good job.

 Comment Written 13-Nov-2010

reply by the author on 16-Nov-2010
    Thank you Willie for the great review! Deeply appreciate it and your perspective on death. Thank you also foe appreciating the notes! Ramesh :)
Comment from randywasham

Very nice photo and a great story. The mist in the background adds to both the story and picture. Nice capture of a quaint and solemn setting. Good color and detail to all. Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 13-Nov-2010

reply by the author on 16-Nov-2010
    Thank you Randy for making the connection and for 'seeing' the mist! Deeply appreciate your review! Ramesh :)
reply by randywasham on 16-Nov-2010
    you are welcome.
Comment from Yukondick

What a great shot, I only wish that the mist had enveloped the whole place in which case it could have been cropped tighter on the left and top. Well exposed with nice depth of field and sharp throughout.
Well done

 Comment Written 13-Nov-2010

reply by the author on 16-Nov-2010
    Thank you Yukon for the inspiring comments! Deeply appreciate your review and perspective! Ramesh :)
Comment from Amy33

A stunning photo of course with the bright foliage and the thick mist in the background. I'm not a church goer so I have to think about this one. It does feel comfortable here, people are relaxed and visiting and the path to the church door is lined with beautiful calming yellow. The headstones are old, so they are not graves of the recently deceased. The church itself is quaint with the gingerbread border on the front awning.
I didn't think God could have grandchildren because he only has children. He is the creator of all. As I said before, I was given children, they aren't 'mine' like a possession. God sent them to me to care for and raise and to think of them as my 'own', but I didn't create this body I am in, God did and God created my husband's body and together they can sow a child. That child wouldn't have 'life' without a spirit and that spirit is everlasting light that no one can claim.
Have you ever been with someone that has died? I have, my Dad. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. You truly see/feel light leave the body and for your loved one that was suffering, for a moment feel relief, then the reality that they are physically no longer. No one can teach that or explain it, it has to be experienced. Not all are capable and stay angry/depressed after a loved when passes. I wasn't ready to physically be without my Dad, but I was so blessed to have had him for 26 yrs of my life:) I had reached a brick wall last year and I was washing dishes at the kitchen sink, praying and talking to my Dad as I often do. I looked out the window and in the sky appeared a man's face in the clouds. It was another stepping stone for me.
I hope you don't find my comments a nuisance, if you do please just tell me I won't mind! Thanks, Amy

 Comment Written 13-Nov-2010

reply by the author on 14-Nov-2010
    I like your keen eyesight! :) The headstones are over 100 years old. One had 1876 on it.

    My mother died when I was 20 , and my father when I was 36. I remember holding my mother's ashes in my hand, before it was dissolved in the sea, and thinking this is all that is left of her. I remember seeing and talking to my father the previous day, and the next day with his life force having left. I wasn't with them at their time of death. Only the initial realization that I will not be seeing or hearing them anymore brought some sadness, but other than that I was prepared to accept it. Yet thinking about it now, the memories do bring a momentary sadness, which is only natural.

    Your comments are not a nuisance at all! I see in them a keen perspective! Deeply appreciate your review Amy! Ramesh :)
reply by Amy33 on 14-Nov-2010
    We wouldn't be human is we didn't feel sadness. Loss is loss any way you look at it. Even though I believe I communicate with my Dad I still have moments when I am so wanting hug from him or to see him in his chair rubbing his feet together because he is tired. I am so sorry you lost both of your parents so young. I hope you can believe they are still with you at times seeing what an amazing person you have become.

    Keep posting, I feel like it is spirtitual homework0:) Amy
reply by the author on 15-Nov-2010
    Thank you for being so kind! Ramesh
Comment from vulken

I appreciated your artists comments as well as your work here. At first I had to look closely to see if it was a real building or not. I believe that is because fo the architectural style, and not the photo. The subject is surrounded by wonderful things, the crosses and graves to the front, and the fog to the rear. The color is good and contrasts well. Very nice photo.

 Comment Written 13-Nov-2010

reply by the author on 13-Nov-2010
    You are the second reviewer to comment on the architectural style.:) Everything in the image is connected to the story and interpret it; including the contrast. The Mysticism and the Clarity needed. Deeply appreciate your review and comment on the notes! Ramesh :)