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Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam

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 Comment Written 09-Jan-2017

reply by the author on 11-Jan-2017
    All I can say is WOW! And thank you!!
Comment from Regina E.H-Ariel

WOW awesome design with water colors this is an outstanding work , you managed it to be so perfect that it looks like a photograph turned into sepia hues - realistic, outstanding, excellent in shadow and light application - super detail work, a very good composition, good use of space, perfect contrast and lighting, I think you have done a fantastic job with super skills, well done, thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 17-Dec-2016

reply by the author on 17-Dec-2016
    Thank you Regina! I really appreciate the six star review!!
reply by Regina E.H-Ariel on 18-Dec-2016
    You are most welcome, really well deserved xoxo
Comment from GaliaG

wow, amazing portrait, very strong and impressive

excellent draw of the singer facial expression and the effort put in his song

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 17-Dec-2016

reply by the author on 17-Dec-2016
    Thank you!
Comment from shore1inspire.

a great water color portrait, Lance.
as it is nice to hear you are challenging yourself
as this looks great. :-)
a great wood effect as it makes the picture look great. a real pleasure to view your work. great job.

 Comment Written 17-Dec-2016

reply by the author on 17-Dec-2016
    Thank you so much!
reply by shore1inspire. on 17-Dec-2016
    your welcome , as I have not seen to much watercolor yet but this is great. thank you.
Comment from Life is but a dream.

I am very stingy when it comes to dishing out 6 stars but this is just so overwhelmingly beautiful, professional looking work. You are new and you have introduced us to pyrography which sounds like if you burn in an error you have had it, you really need to understand your medium!

I love your presentation, the compositional style to the side, the expression is phenomenal. It was Tolstoy that said "if art catches an emotion and if it pulls out an emotion out of you then it is truly art" (or something like that).

Furthermore, the detail is spot on...the dimensional drawing, the detail in the hands superb and the shading...your light source easily seen.

The burn in border further enhances this image.

Sir, you so deserve more than 6 stars. On this site, FAR site puts up contests for traditional artists...I encourage you to enter. Your work is stellar and you could win 100 USD real money.....then you could take me out for a coffee! :-)

 Comment Written 17-Dec-2016

reply by the author on 17-Dec-2016
    Wow! I have never had a review quite like this one. Your enthusiasm is very inspiring! This is the first pyrography piece I have floated out for public consumption and I look forward to introducing more into my portfolio. Thank you so much for the kind words and six star review!
reply by Life is but a dream. on 17-Dec-2016
    You are very talented, please continue to nurture and grow in your art.
Comment from a.samathasena

What a great nice wonderful lovely art.Beautiful nice artistic scene.Presentation is very nice.The Great person,face eyes action,skin tone and body details,light and color balance,b/g are gorgeous great and make a nice scene.I like this talent perfect work. Creativity color and all are excellent.Great job.Well Done.Thanks.

 Comment Written 16-Dec-2016

reply by the author on 16-Dec-2016
    Thank you so Much! I am happy you like it!!
Comment from momentsofjoy7351

Fabulous image, love the technique and my first time seeing it. I have never heard of pyrography but after the review gonna take a look online! Your fellow is stellar in his action with grand detail. Color is fantastic, shading and lighting fabulous and the detail over his frame is perfection. Fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 16-Dec-2016

reply by the author on 16-Dec-2016
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review! I am happy you that you enjoyed this piece. I really appreciate your thoughts!
Comment from csimmons032

Well done! This technique is very interesting. I actually have never heard of pyrograpghy, but it really does look great. Using the wood really gives it a timeless feel to it. You just did an amazing job with every detail, it just looks so realistic. Thanks for sharing and showing me a new technique :)

 Comment Written 16-Dec-2016

reply by the author on 16-Dec-2016
    Thank you for taking the time to review this piece! I know Pyrography isn't necessarily a traditional art medium; but, it's something that really captured my curiosity about a year ago and as a result, I'm addicted. I appreciate your comments and thank you so much for the six stars!
reply by csimmons032 on 16-Dec-2016
    Your welcome, and I might do a little bit more research on it now as well :)
Comment from iPhone7

I have never seen this type of art before, and I must say that this work is Very impressive. Your skills are very well honed. I hope you continue to post your works on here for all to see. Well done Lance ~ Steve

 Comment Written 14-Dec-2016

reply by the author on 14-Dec-2016
    Thank you so much. It is a bit different from traditional mediums. It took a while to get the hang of it. I'm happy you enjoy this one and thank you again for your feedback!
Comment from nawshad

Awesomeness, that's all I can say.... . Awesomeness. When I saw this artistic work, I had to think for a while.. What to write as the review. As am not that capable to judge this kind of beauty. Your way of works with and using different types of medium and way is inspiring. So am happy to see another child of nature who is blessed with strong will and dare to live put of box life with such powerful presentation of art. Well done and thanks for sharing this awesomeness.

 Comment Written 14-Dec-2016

reply by the author on 14-Dec-2016
    It took me a second or two respond to you as well! Wow, I am really happy that you like this one. I know this method isn't of traditional mediums; so, I knew I was taking a bit of a risk. With your response and review, I feel much better that I did! Thank you again!
reply by nawshad on 14-Dec-2016
    You are welcome, and please do yourself a favor... . Live your wishes your way. If there is a risk, just close your eyes and give it a look on the canvas and name it The RISK. What I mean is, as an artist you are able to imagine anything even if it's invisible. So enjoy it. And once again...please if you ever care about a risk.. ... Just paint it down too.... Risk has it's own beauty. Ask yourself, you will agree with me at the end of the day. And i loved your work.... Because you know how to do something out of the box. It will inspire many.. trust me. And you will meet some awesome humans, who will help more saying that... You don't know about art or paintings, or something else that might hurt. But to be honest, feel lucky.. Because your work just made them spend their valuable time to look and think and feel jealous and write to you. This is why you win the show. Any ways, I would love to learn from you. I will be happy if you keep on sharing your creativity like this one. Good luck and stay blessed as you already are. Thanks.