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There's Something Fishy Here!

Abstract idea of a fish

 19 total reviews 
Comment by
Review Stars

There is certainly something fishy and It is a strange and unusual experience to see. I love the way you can bring to life a few lines with your pen and Walla there is a fish with personality. Thanks for being so talented with your ink.

 Comment Written 01-Feb-2007

reply by the artist on 02-Feb-2007
    Thanks so much for the great review, loneWolf. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the compliment. Annie
Comment by
Review Stars

in a way i am glad you have returned to the artwork you excell at ,as eye and mind is a more true form of art than computer generated works my oppinion i think you are more at home with a pen just getting my fishing gear ,as usual well desighned and presented peice of art

 Comment Written 31-Jan-2007

reply by the artist on 31-Jan-2007
    Thanks Carl. Wow, I really appreciate the rating. Not so sure it deserves it but I think you are right. I am more comfortable with the pen but never knew I could produce some of the digital work I have. Curious about the other mediums. Thanks so much again. Hey, haven't seen much of your work lately! Get back to painting! lol Annie
Comment by
Premier Artist
Traditional Artist Rating
Review Stars

This is really a cool drawing. I like the scattered shapes which gives a light appearance to the image. The shapes work very well together too. Thanks for sharing this work. Best, Matte

 Comment Written 30-Jan-2007

reply by the artist on 30-Jan-2007
    Thanks Matte. Glad you enjoyed this piece. Appreciate the great review. Thanks again, Annie.
Comment by
Review Stars

Wow, this is really cool also. I like how you utilize your space and that the image seems larger then it really is. I see a fish and possibly a net that is close to capturing it. I like how your lines flow, the varying thicknesses and the overall visual stimulation achieved. Thanks for sharing this with us.

 Comment Written 30-Jan-2007

reply by the artist on 30-Jan-2007
    Thanks Aldo for the great review. Glad you liked this drawing.
Comment by
Review Stars

Annie, I really like the look of your abstract fish! I love the eye and the fin. Your drawings always keep me interested in terms of your lines and flow of your work. Wonderful compositional details!

 Comment Written 30-Jan-2007

reply by the artist on 30-Jan-2007
    Thanks Haelith. I appreciate the great review. Glad you enjoyed it! Annie
Comment by
Dark Duck
Review Stars

This is excellent. It has been a while since you displayed one of these. Very nice composition in the piece. The design is very unique. The black and white is a nice choice (though I would like to see one in color). Thanks for sharing. Marti

 Comment Written 30-Jan-2007

reply by the artist on 30-Jan-2007
    Thanks Marti. I did another in color that I sold a long time ago. A totally different kind of fish though. Had lots of color in that one. Somehow couldn't see this one in color. But, I will try putting some color in it on the computer and see how that turns out. Thanks for the suggestion and great review. Annie
Comment by
2006 Traditional Artist Of The Year
abandoned galaxy
Review Stars

This abstract is "WAY COOL" and HIGHLY enjoyable ta' me,my friend!
Of course,as you know,I rather LOVE the 'unusual' anyway and this excellent creation sure does 'grab me'! :D
( Heehee! I've seen images of real icthyological specimens from 'the abyss' that look more 'abstract' than this beautiful fish does as far as that goes! LOL! )
All the way 'round,"There's Something Fishy Here" is SUPERB 'in my book',my friend! :D

 Comment Written 30-Jan-2007

reply by the artist on 30-Jan-2007
    lol Thanks Sean. You certainly make me laugh and smile with your reviews. Glad you liked it and again thanks for the great review. Annie

reply by abandoned galaxy on 30-Jan-2007
    LOL! COOL,Annie! You're so very welcome,my friend! :)
Comment by
2007 & 2008 Photograper Of The Year
Review Stars

At first I could not tell what this was all about but the more I stared at it and read your notes, I realized what it was! Nice job. The detail is good and the use of the pen and ink has worked well for you.

 Comment Written 30-Jan-2007

reply by the artist on 30-Jan-2007
    Thanks Dazzleme. Appreciate your comments and great review. Annie
Comment by
Gloria Stanley Brown
Review Stars

This is so neat. I love your vision of a fish you have created. I see a angel fish in my mind with your creation. I like your unique style and I enjoyed this piece very much. Best Tiorra

 Comment Written 30-Jan-2007

reply by the artist on 30-Jan-2007
    Thanks tiorra for the great review. Angel fish, eh??? ok, that's cool. Thanks for the confidence in my work. Appreciate it. Annie
Comment by
Traditional Photographer Rating
Mixed Media Photographer Rating
  Rank:  60
Traditional Artist Rating
Digital Artist Rating
  Rank:  4
Review Stars
  Rank:  89

#4 Ranked Digital Artist

Creativity of Presentation-5
Hi Annie,I must say that it looks like your on the road back.I enjoyed viewing this in full screen and really like the fluidity of your lines and the intricate detailing of some of the areas.Great job,my friend,I enjoyed it very much!
Angelheart :)

 Comment Written 30-Jan-2007

reply by the artist on 30-Jan-2007
    Thanks Nancy. I'll put the cat up next I think. Glad you liked this piece and I appreciate the great review. Annie

reply by Angelheart on 01-Feb-2007
    You're welcome Annie! It's just good to see you back in form!!
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