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Location: Bathmen Ov. the NETHERLANDS
Gender: Female
Born: 20/06/1956
Interests: Dancing, wildlife , horses,golf, cooking, travel,water sports, my pets, anything of creative,
Member: Premier Artist
Joined: March 2005
Nighthawk is from Holland. She has lived in many different countries around the world. Besides art, her other passions are travel, animals and nature. Traveling extensively through out her life, has given her many opportunities and experiences of people, cultures, nature and animals, that have played an important role in her development and love of art and the natural world with it's many wonders and amazing creatures.
She was creative from a young age and won first prize for painting at her school aged 9.
Though she went on to other things for a time she never lost her love of art or nature. About ten years ago she followed a workshop in china painting, after which she was hooked, it is only recently that she that hobby became a profession . Around the same time she was experimenting with different paints for leather and developed her own method and technique in this field. Animals especially wildlife has ever had a special place in her heart, that she wants to share with others, by painting them so that all may enjoy these amazing creatures. Eyes is her specialty they are the window to the soul and spirit this is what makes the painting come alive.
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Achraf Baznani
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David Hemmings
FanArtReview wrote to nighthawk: Congratulations! Snow Spirit won the contest "Nature In Art"
January 24 at 12:09AM
    ducilla: Incredible work!....Congratulations,well deserved...Dennis
    January 24 at 2:14AM
    heart4art: congratulations on the best in show....smiles eileen
    January 24 at 2:33AM
    LASTNATIONS: Miigwetch (thank you in Ojibwan Meechie) for sharing your love for Nature by bringing true life to charished Animals who endlessly fill everyone's soul with light,hope,peace,and love that Animals have given you this spirtual connection to these gifts from Our Creator with motherearth sustaining all :) xo lastnations ~
    May 5 at 5:46PM

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June 4 at 12:10AM
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May 21 at 11:25AM
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May 21 at 10:08AM
Windows of silence finished third in the contest "Holiday Art"
January 27 at 12:10AM
Snow Spirit won the contest "Nature In Art"
January 24 at 12:09AM
Windows of silence reached "All Time Best" status.
January 7 at 11:25AM

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