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Location: Firenze, Italy
Gender: Female
Born: July 30
Interests: Travel, Painting, Photography
Member: Standard
Joined: April 2010
Roxanna Smith has been painting for about 3 years and is currently attending The Angel Art Academy in Florence.

Her style would be considered realism to impressionism with her own unique brush style. She enjoys painting with both acrylics and oil mostly on canvas.

Roxanna is well traveled and has interest in history and architecture. While abroad she loves to soak up other cultures and take lots of photos.

She has lived in Australia, Italy, Greece, Hawaii and New York but is a native of Northern California. Roxanna currently resides in Florence, Italy with her 8 year old Yorkshire Terrier.
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RSMITH: I would like to thank all those great writers on Fan Story that have chosen and put words to my artwork. I am very grateful-roxanna
December 19 at 10:52PM

RSMITH: I realize my 2 latest paintings(the women) are photographed badly with an iphone -but I just wanted some quick feedback as I continue practicing my new techniques. Thank you for your reviews and as always support. Roxanna
November 7 at 9:27PM

RSMITH: I will be in Florence, Italy for a few months starting July 1st. I am excited to be taking a couple painting workshops during my visit and of course Preenie my Yorkie will be going with.

It will be difficult to spend as much time as usual with this site but I will reply and post when possible.

Thank you again for all your wonderful reviews and support. Much appreciated!- roxanna
May 28 at 3:45PM
    hippieitch090671: Hope you have a great time. both of you. :)-Kerry
    June 16 at 2:11PM
    RSMITH: Thank you Kerry for the good wishes:) Roxanna
    June 17 at 11:48PM
    Celia Claase: Enjoy and I can't wait to see the paintings and photographs that you will bring from wonderful Florence!!
    June 19 at 9:16PM
    Celia Claase: CONGRATULATIONS! You deserved to win. Celia :))
    June 21 at 7:38AM
    RSMITH: Thank you Celia for all your support and good wishes. I really appreciate all your time and kind reviews. Hope to have lots to share upon my return if not before:) Roxanna
    June 24 at 4:05AM
    RSMITH: Hi, Thank you for all the good wishes I am back in San Diego for 2 months then off to live in Florence and study under the Maestro I took the workshop from this summer. I look forward to catching up on all your new pieces. -Roxanna
    October 14 at 1:27AM

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