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Location: South Africa
Gender: Female
Born: Gemini
Interests: Nature viewing, stained glass, fineart, photography
Member: Standard
Joined: April 2010
My childhood was blessed by growing up on a small farm outside of White River, South Africa. With the river as boundary, birds, wild flowers and veldt surrounding me, there was a lot that inspired my passion for art.
I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and according to my family, some before that. I remember the greatest beauty used to be a white piece of paper and how it fascinated me - all the potential of what it could become. The challenge of creating something on paper more beautiful than the paper itself is what inspire me to better my work from an early age, today still paying great attention to detail.
I was lucky to have stayed on this farm for all the years of my schooling in White River, after which I furthered my education at the University of Pretoria in Engineering.
I have a great passion for wildlife, in viewing, photography and fine art. This has been deeply rooted since childhood and visits to the Kruger with my family on regular basis. I love realism and hope to portray the life, emotions and character of the animals through my work.
My preferred drawing medium is ball point pen, not a medium widely used by artist. All the different colours available makes it possible to complete a work entirely by using pens. This is the highest time-consuming task of all the mediums I use, but renders me such reward upon completion.
Today, I am one of those privileged artists to live in the Bushveld, right next to the Kruger National Park in the town of Phalaborwa (meaning in Sotho: better than the South). Even though art is not currently what I do on a full-time basis, it is where I find purpose... a world of complete fulfillment and the most perfectly chosen talent that could ever have been bestowed upon me.
Art is my passion and even though I am self-taught, I hope to enrich someone's life with my work, even if only for a brief moment captured in time?
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Linda Bickston
FanArtReview wrote to ClasinaRoodt: Elephant is the new Traditional Artwork of the Month!
December 9 at 12:10AM
    ducilla: Your art is incredible and certainaly worth this honor!.. The beauty of all of your pieces raises the bar for all ...!Congratulations...Dennis
    December 9 at 11:09AM
    DeeZ: Congratulations on this much deserved win!
    December 9 at 12:08PM
    Pat Christensen: Congrats! A beautiful piece of art.
    December 9 at 7:56PM
    virginian: Congratulations !!!!!
    December 9 at 9:11PM
    PetaPan35: Warmest congratulations, it was a very well deserved win and an absolutely beautiful piece of work :-) You should be very proud of that piece. Cheers, Peta
    December 10 at 4:20PM

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No work posted.

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Elephant won the contest "Traditional Artwork of the Month"
December 9 at 12:10AM
Elephant reached "All Time Best" status.
November 2 at 11:25AM
Elephant reached "Recognized" status.
November 2 at 2:08AM
Bushmen's Journey won the contest "Family Art"
September 8 at 12:10AM
Little Girl finished first in the member created contest "Portraits"
July 2 at 12:09AM
Portrait of girl reached "Recognized" status.
May 2 at 2:07AM
Windblown Lion finished first in the member created contest "Big Cats Art Contest"
April 23 at 12:10AM
Woman in thought reached "Recognized" status.
April 18 at 2:07AM

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