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Location: Jersey Shore
Gender: Female
Born: December
Interests: Art,photography,crafts,books
Member: Standard
Joined: November 2010
Hi my name is (Shelllady) and I am an artist that just cant stop creating. I luv the beach and i pick up unique shells and seaglass and make Seashell Santa Ornaments and sell my designs at Craft shows. Some of my designs are displayed on my page on ETSY I have had a passion for Photography for most of my life and before computer's I always saw in my mind what i wanted to do with a photo. And now the posibilities are endless. Thankyou and enjoy my vision of ART.
It iz what it iz...
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Dr. Michael Shelton
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Sandy Poore
Shelllady: Happy Holidays Everyone and a positive, peace filled new year...Hello 2012
December 30 at 10:29PM
    avmurray: All the best for 2012 to you as well
    December 31 at 6:43AM

Shelllady: I feel like i just dont have the time anymore to do what i luv the most in life.
December 1 at 9:51PM

Shelllady: Hey guys what do u think about today's date? 11.11.11 I heard its a really spiritual day and a lucky one at that, so make a wish tnite at 11:11pm And yes of course Happy Armistice Day to all...
November 11 at 5:15PM

Shelllady: Wow i cant believe Turkey day is almost upon us. What's everyone's favorite dessert? I gotta work that day...
November 7 at 8:40PM
    Echo7: I like Muffins
    November 7 at 8:43PM
    ducilla: I like dessert!.I have not met many desserts that have not become friends,or at least acquaintances..
    November 7 at 8:48PM
    Sinbackkk: I limit my muffin intake to 42 a week! I'm also fat!
    November 7 at 9:20PM
    LowRider: You are not fat Sinbackkk jist maybe slightly fluffy; fluffy is cute!!

    I make Cheesecake and Pecan Pie for the holidays---
    November 8 at 1:09PM
    ducilla: Peacn Pie!!!!! Now that is a good friend! Along with Raisen pie!.....I can almost tast them now just thinking along these lines..Of course the same goes for a bit of " Bread Pudding"...
    November 8 at 7:18PM
    Shelllady: My absolute fav is Pumpkin pie with whipped cream. yum!!!!!
    November 11 at 5:11PM

Shelllady: Happy Hallow's Eve F.A.R Peeps.
October 31 at 6:22PM
    Echo7: Isnt it Christmas?
    October 31 at 8:29PM
    Sinbackkk: No it's my birthday.WHAT U GOT 4 ME?
    October 31 at 9:40PM
    Sinbackkk: 4GIVENESS I HOPE...
    October 31 at 9:42PM
    ducilla: Merry Christmas Echo!!!.. Happy Halloween Shell....
    November 1 at 2:01AM
    Sinbackkk: What about my birthday? Where is the love... Got hated on last nite, now ignored. I feel like im married again.
    November 1 at 12:07PM
    Sinbackkk: 10-9-8-7-6.....
    November 1 at 12:10PM
    hekartstudio: Missed it and feel my driveway of 1200 ft. just seems to be a a roadblock to all the little shits-HEK
    November 1 at 7:22PM
    Shelllady: hey u guys r pretty funny-cheer up its almost Turkey Day lol
    November 5 at 9:49PM

Shelllady: I think im gonna repost my "SaveMe" again cause alot of people select it for the Far writing. It has a very deep meaning to me and makes me happy that people like it. TY
July 26 at 9:07PM

Shelllady: Almost August Whats everyone doing?
July 19 at 9:30PM
    corrinas creations: leaving this site lol well just for a bit, going to start working on another book to illustrate so painting, painting, painting :)
    July 20 at 1:57AM
    David T Francis: Getting ready for my birthday (9th) and stag night (19th) - woo hoo
    July 20 at 2:34AM
    Keri Harrish: I am planning my daughter's 16th birthday party. Then I am upping the insurance on my vehicles ;)
    July 20 at 3:59AM
    avmurray: Still at work, and when not at work I suppose I use a lot of time on this site due to the weather conditions. I think this is the worse summer we had in Norway for a long time. It is just more or less raining the whole time. I am more or less just waiting for my holiday. 20th of August I go to Greece for 3 weeks.
    July 20 at 8:00AM
    hekartstudio: Weeding, weeding and weeding plus mulching here in New Jersey, USA.
    It's hot, hot, hot. Not much time for painting rather do it when its cool. Also prepping up the house and deck for my BD on Saturday. Hope I didn't bore you. Well you started it. Enjoy July and the rest of the year-HEK
    July 21 at 1:56PM
    Shelllady: Thanks HEK I havent had much time for anything lately,but i'll never give up my art Its my passion
    July 26 at 9:01PM

Shelllady: Ok so now i have a pt job in a nursing home,craft shows and do hair, hope my camera doesnt get dusty!
June 14 at 8:47AM

Shelllady: Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.
May 27 at 9:18AM
    raksr: You also have a good holiday weekeng. ;-)
    May 27 at 11:43AM
    Shelllady: Thanks my friend.
    May 30 at 10:49AM

Shelllady: Ok tomorrow's is supposedly DOOMSDAY What will us Artist's Post?
May 20 at 9:54AM

Shelllady: Hey Art Peeps Hows everyone doing R U busy Can I get some reviews on Blue's Destiny This one's special to me Thankyou so much
May 16 at 6:01PM
    A. Cawley: Hi, I tried but can't find Blue's Destiny... :(
    May 17 at 11:18AM
    Shelllady: Hi Its in my one and only Book collection "My Imagination is so nutty" Thanks so much
    May 17 at 2:16PM

Shelllady: I finally got to the Beach yesterday and found alot of Seashells and took some pic's of Seagulls, beautiful day...
April 30 at 10:03AM
    hekartstudio: Liked your "No Fish for Today". Want to see more. Here in New Jersey it finally got a little warmer. I want to paint a Conch with acrylics. Wish me luck-HEK
    April 30 at 9:48PM
    Shelllady: That would b cool and i wanna see it when your done...
    May 1 at 3:40PM

Shelllady: Anyone out there that can give me a review on my (Getting out of the box)for a rec award Need a couple,thanx;)
April 27 at 5:27PM

Shelllady: Working on my Santa Seashell's I still gotta get to the beach and make a date with my camera...
April 25 at 8:31PM

Shelllady: Hope everyone has a Happy Easter
April 22 at 6:11PM
    hekartstudio: Back to you. Enjoy and maybe fit in a little time for your creative nature-HEK
    April 23 at 5:44PM

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