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Location: Kentucy
Gender: Female
Born: January 24
Interests: Photography, Scrapbooking, Reading, Writing
Member: Premier Artist
Joined: February 2011
Cindy Booth is a resident of the mountainous region of the beautiful state of KY in the blessed nation of the USA. She is a stay at home Mom of 6 children and happily married wife of 16 years. She received a teaching degree, taught high school science for a few years, but then decided to stay home with her children. She now homeschools and teaches at church. She is a Christian, not a perfect person, just saved by God's grace.
Cindy loves to take pictures, and always has. She satrted with a 110 camera, then a kodak disk, and has gone thru various 35mm cameras. She is now trying to catch up with the "digital revolution".
Cindy has never had formal photography training, but has always thought she had a little bit of "natural" ability because she often "sees" pictures in the scenes around her thus her username- icnpictures.
Cindy enjoys photographing children, landsacpes and nature which she is still learning much about. She has already learned a great deal from FAR and its people and hopes to continue to improve her skills as a photographer and learn some new things about digital photo enhancing and mixed media.
For now her goal is to get good (or lucky) enough to win one of these contests- after that, she will go from there! :)
Anything is possible!
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Imagine Life
icnpictures: Got some new lenses and things for my camera for Christmas- now to learn how to use them! :)Cant wait until the weather gets a little better so I can get outside more.
December 27 at 11:02PM

icnpictures: Ive really enjoyed taking pictures with my new camera this summer. I have learned some new things and hopefully improved my photography skills. I got some neat shots and now that the kids are back to school, I hope to spend more time on FAR and share them with you- just maybe not as much time as before.
November 2 at 7:45PM

icnpictures: Im loving my new camera, and learning to be more creative with my pictures!! Its so much fun!!
August 14 at 7:45AM

icnpictures: I have finally ordered myself a new Canon T3i. I have been wanting it for years!! I am so excited- cant wait for it to come in!!
June 13 at 11:39AM

icnpictures: I like to "get out of the house" and enjoy the springtime weather, but "getting out" means less time for FAR. :(
April 20 at 12:27PM

icnpictures: I do not really like the new way to display the photos on this profile page- is there any way to put it back the way it was before?? Any ideas anyone??
March 16 at 1:52PM
    icnpictures: The other was larger and more clear and just scrolled down instead of in little blocks :(
    March 16 at 1:54PM
    Echo7: lol. just click the part that says "See All" That will show you excatly as before. The new slideshow widget is simply to make it rotate images as someone views your actual profile page
    March 16 at 3:01PM

icnpictures: I was unsure about the "purpleness" of my Royal Winter photo, but thanks to all for the wonderful reception and kind comments. I guess you have to take a chance sometimes and see how it works out.
February 27 at 9:34AM

icnpictures: It is very difficult to review enough to be able to promote work without having to pay. I would get nothing else done all day but reviewing! I guess I will just have to be happy with part time FAR! :)
February 16 at 10:43AM

icnpictures: Well my rank returned- that is good, I am meeting lots of new people- that is good, I am spending way too much time on here AGAIN- that is NOT so good! But I am enjoying it I guess :)
January 31 at 11:45PM

icnpictures: I am finally posting again!! Trying to get back into it and meet some new friends, many of the old (not in age of course ;) familiar ones are gone?? I havent taken many photos either in a few months- good thing I have a million from last year, maybe I'll have a chance to get some of them on now.
January 30 at 9:43AM
    icnpictures: My ranking disappeared- does anyone know why? Will it go back to what it was when I start posting again or do I have to start from the beginning?
    January 30 at 11:33AM
    avmurray: If you talk about the rankings you had from 2011, they will all be gone apart from your rank as a reviewer. You have to post at least two works in the same category before you receive a new ranking.
    January 30 at 11:55AM
    SilentSpirit: Thank you so much for stopping by. Much appreciated!
    February 6 at 1:58PM

icnpictures: Oh my, it has been a while, but the kids are finally back in school and I am trying to get back to posting. First I have to do some serious reviewing to get some points to promote with. I took lots of pictures this summer and look forward to sharing them all winter long!
September 26 at 10:56PM

icnpictures: I have been very busy for the last month or so and have not put a lot on and my ratings are falling :( but I am gonna try to get back - I miss everyone and your awesome photos.
June 30 at 11:45PM

icnpictures: I havent put much on in a while, I am just taking a little break. I have so much to do with the kids end of the year events- graduating elementary and middle schools, field trips, projects etc. Not much time for FAR :(
May 19 at 8:06AM
    Pat Christensen: You are missed, hope everything settles down for you soon, be well! :)Pat
    May 20 at 10:46AM
    deb12060: Enjoy the outdoors and your children that time goes to fast. Looking forward to the post of your summer and your creative imagination
    May 21 at 10:56PM
    ALTAFGHORI: I want to ad you on my Fan Art Network.
    May 25 at 9:23AM
    Bertodi: Dew is your call sign, practically everything you bring on has some dew on it somewhere- very beautiful work, but you appear to have a good life, so can see all the beauty untrammeled by experiences..
    October 4 at 11:59AM

icnpictures: Spring is here and I am ready to get out and enjoy the nice weather. I will not be spending as much time on FAR. I hate for my rankings to fall, but I am spending way too much time in this house and on this computer. What do most of you do in the summer- more or less time here?
May 6 at 1:29PM
    hekartstudio: Summer is weeding, mulching and mowing. This is New Jersey, USA.
    I love the Winter to paint because
    I don't want to go out in the harsh weather. Don't know where you are, but keep on expressing
    your feelings-HEK
    May 8 at 7:11PM

icnpictures: Can anyone tell me how to create on of those watermarks- do I do that on my own or is there a place on the site to do it? I have no idea- thanks.
April 17 at 4:56PM
    Pat Christensen: The site provides its water mark for you when you post images you have the option to use theirs or not and where to put it on the image.(just have to have the box checked marked) As far as creating your own, sorry I am unable to help with that. :)Pat
    April 18 at 1:27PM
    icnpictures: Thanks Pat- you are the information station! :)
    April 19 at 12:55AM

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