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Life is but a dream.
Location: Thailand
Gender: Female
Born: you bet
Interests: animals of all kinds, insects, good jokes, yoga,eating, cooking, laughing, travel, life, photography, writing
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Joined: November 2011
Life is tough, it's tougher if you're stupid. John Wayne
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Lucien van Oosten
Tung Tran
Life is but a dream.: I just realized I had deleted the paint out in layers technique. Here it is...

1. upload photo to Photoshop
2. click J to duplicate
3. go up to layers
4. click layer fill and make sure your b/w is in the colour you is what I usually use but you can use white.
5. click Ok on colour and the whole image will turn black
7. go to the opacity lever in the layers palette and pull it across until some of the image begins to show. I usually pull it down to about 65%
8. Go to brushes and pick up a brush...I use soft for hair and very hard for details
9. Make sure your opacity for the brush is 100% (you can change this later if you want to paint out the background at 50% or less)
10. If it's not working make sure you have the right foreground to paint on the bw box and try again...ahhh it's working.
11...if you goof don't panic because all you have to do is click on the X and you can blacken the part that you painted out by accident.

If you have any problems write me. Don't forget to flatten the layers when you are done. Voila!

PS This is also a good and easy way to vignette.
January 12 at 4:26AM
    foureyes: you can do a very quick vignette by after the layer fill, creating a reveal all (white) mask, click on the mask, and then do a radial fill -- invert if you drew the gradient the wrong way. And you can play with levels or curves on the mask to fine tune the vignette.

    You can then
    March 14 at 8:51PM
    Life is but a dream.: I didn't know that! WOW thank you ...I always feel like I'm bumbling through PS.....
    March 14 at 8:59PM
    foureyes: painting on the mask, of course, gives you complete control, but the gradient fill gives you smooth transitions if you want a soft rather than a hard vignette. You can also create custom gradients -- that's what I did for the background in my Chocolate Carryout.
    March 14 at 10:07PM
    Life is but a dream.: Foureyes, I'm not sure I know how to paint on the mask...I make a new layer mask and work from there?
    March 15 at 3:22AM
    foureyes: I can explain, but first: 1) which version of PS are you using (I am on CS5)? 2) do you understand the relationship of selections, alpha channels and masks and how to go from one to the other or do I need to explain that?
    March 15 at 8:49AM
    foureyes: On point 2, the quickie explanation is -- an alpha channel is a saved selection, and a mask is an alpha channel that has been linked to a layer. Explaining how to go from one to another is more complicated.
    March 15 at 8:52AM
    pattigirl: Thanks for putting the recipe back up. I want to definitely try that with some of my portrait work! Hope you are well, dear Olga. Appreciate your comment on my page today!
    June 15 at 3:40AM
    Dick Lee Shia: Congrats for winning in the Flowers Photo A, Little but Big, Cars, Circles & Spirals Photo Contests!
    March 14 at 10:06PM
    pattigirl: Congratulations for your win in the Color Blue contest. I just love your image!
    June 19 at 3:08AM
    tdragonfly: Congratulations on the "Flowing up, Flowing down" contest. Loved your entry.
    July 5 at 5:42AM
    SteveANH: Congratulations..! This is the first 3 way tie I've seen! Great picture, full of emotion!
    July 16 at 9:01AM
    sonshine: Congrats on ALL of your wins!! You're work is awesome:)
    July 17 at 1:01AM
    seshadri_sreenivasan: Hearty Congrats dear friend! A wonderful capture that brings me nostalgic memories!
    July 17 at 2:43PM
    tdragonfly: Congratulations in your achievements! Your work inspires us all to reach higher.
    July 18 at 1:18AM
    Dick Lee Shia: Congrats on your winning streaks!! Thanks for sharing your discerning eye for good composition!
    July 24 at 12:00PM

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