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Location: Fort Bragg
Gender: Female
Born: Baby Boomer
Interests: Photography,Travel, Cooking
Member: Premier Artist
Joined: August 2007
I have been practicing and learning Photography for well over the last twenty years. Our first SLR was a Canon Rebel EOS Elan. We currently have two Digital Cameras, both canons a Rebel Xsi and a EOS 5Dmkii along with several interchangeable lens. I have the greatest admiration for those who consistently photograph great pictures and try to learn their tricks of the trade. I am forever striving to be better and to figure out where I fall short. I have learned a lot while a member of FAR and still continue to learn. I do my best to help others when I can and learn from those that I can. I appreciate honest straightforward reviews from those who are geniuniely striving to help. I dislike attacking and negative reviews from those who feel they must find fault whether it exists or not. I prefer more positive reviewing, pointing out the good and suggesting correction for anything I see that can be improved, in my opinion, of course.

I have been creating Mixed Media in Photography for about ten years. Other sites call it Digital Art, but I like that FAR separates it from Digital Art which is truly an art form on its own. Mixed Media in Photography should always start with a quality photograp. It is not Art if it is used to disguise a poor photograph. Again I have learned a great deal from other Mixed Media Photographers on FAR and am always willing to help those who wish to learn in turn.

My husband and I are both reired, and we are fortunate that we are able to travel extensively. I enjoy taking photographs of the great places we have been lucky enough to visit. When at home, Steve is happy in his woodworking shop, and I love cooking and gardening.


Please visit our Website at
Photography is not Art, it is the medium through which Artists may create Art.
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Jennifer C
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Life is but a dream.
Snopaw: So far only 3 members have reserved a spot for the Technology of the 70's Contest. Now I know a lot of members here were around and kicking in that time. So here are a few suggestions:
Desktop Computer - Floppy Discs
Hand Held Calculators - Sony Walkman
Post it Notes - Cassette Tapes
Rubiks Cube - VHS Tapes and players
Video Games - Digital Cameras
Apple Computers - Liquid Paper
Commodore Computers - Mountain Dew
and so much more. This is a contest for Artists and Photographs alike, I am sure you have some ideas :))
November 13 at 6:20PM
    Danrae: Perhaps people are not reserving because they are constantly being DQ by CEC? I know that's it for me.
    November 22 at 9:24AM

Snopaw: First of all I wish to thank everyone who voted for and reviewed Midsummer Night's Dream. It was in first place in the voting before it was disqualified by the CEC (at least last time I checked). The swans were the reason for the disqualification. It is my bad I only read to the part that said ?the subject should not be people or animals? and didn?t continue on to the net line that said they can't a part of the image. I didn't consider the swans as the subject, but they were certainly a part of the image.

Regarding the CEC I have had other members ask me, and I was also wondering:

1. Are the members of the CEC allowed to enter a contest they are ruling on?
2. Are the members of the CEC allowed to vote on a contest they are ruling on?
3. How many members are on the CEC? When the vote is unanimous does that mean 2 votes, 3 votes or 7 votes?

So I will continue to sponsor CEC free contests and notify member personally, before the contest closes if they are ineligible and what they might do to fix it. It has worked very well and the few I have had to contact have been very gracious and polite, thank you. So keep your eye out for CEC free contests and join in the fun :)
November 1 at 12:20AM
    MoonWillow: When I received a DQ on FS, I got 3 messages... all saying the same thing.
    November 1 at 3:45AM
    MarnaB: Congratulations on winning the October contest. The Iris photo is stunningly beautiful.
    November 9 at 12:50AM
    MarnaB: Congratulations on your winning "The Perfect Rose" contest. It was well deserved.
    November 15 at 1:17AM
    SteveANH: Congratulations for your win in the "Pond" contest. Worthy winner! Excellent in every way!
    November 20 at 5:57AM
    Lilibug6: Congratulations on winning the pond contest! It was a well deserved win=) Lilibug6
    November 20 at 7:52AM
    Danrae: I have never seen the answers to the above three questions?
    November 22 at 8:29AM

Snopaw: Go and check out the entries for Portrait in Black and White. There are really some top notch entries and are worth having a look and then casting a vote for your choice :) We have all mediums in this contest!
October 2 at 6:02PM
    MoonWillow: Thank you, Snopaw. I had a hard time making up my mind... so many fantastic photos and art. Love the mood of B&W's. :)
    October 3 at 6:55AM
    stik551: It was a great selection and hard to pick just one. great contest
    October 3 at 10:41AM

Snopaw: The entries for Rustic Barns and Buildings are really very good! The voting is open for the contest. Even if you don't wish to vote, go and have a look and enjoy. While you are there you might as well cast a vote for your favorite :)
September 29 at 12:24AM
    Life is but a dream.: I popped in to the booth and yes you are right some really great entries!
    September 29 at 8:59PM
    Marie REID: Well done for winning the Rusty contest. Keep up the good work.
    October 2 at 2:05AM
    Snopaw: Olga, I am so glad to hear from you. 'Where in the world is Ogla ?))

    Thanks for the congrats Marie :)
    October 2 at 6:04PM

Snopaw: I am certain this idea has been passed around before, perhaps even a few times. But wouldn't it be nice to have a section that members can post to for the purpose of sharing their images, but have them not be available for reviewing. I believe that is where the little space came into being where you can click for no reviews, but this isn't what I am referring to. How often have I reviewed something only to have the person posting tell me it was only to share with the members, that they know it isn't well done one. Perhaps it is a follow up to an earlier post, telling a story or sharing a trip. You might enjoy comments, but you sure as heck don't want to get a review. So instead of promoting with a Base Certificate, you have a different certificate, one that presumably would cost less, maybe $3.95 member bucks. There would be no space on it to review, only a space to give comments. These posts would not be available to be entered in any contests, it would be more like Social Networking.

When the other change came up, I think I tried it a couple of times, but it felt negative to me to not allow reviews, especially if you are looking to improve or enter a contest.

It could be separate like FanStory or FanMusic, but then it would be nice to have it as a cross over to FanArtReview so members on both could see.

Any thoughts??


I have also put this in the General Forum so it won't disappear :)
August 22 at 5:38PM
    Doris1022: Sounds nice, I asked Tom once to allow more than one picture to be posted on the same work of art. like a front and back shot or a right and left shot. or if you are telling a story in photos.
    The first posted work would be the one for review and the others just for clarification or reference.
    August 22 at 7:00PM
    Snopaw: So actually Mike Collier (on the forum) explained my idea in a different way, that is really what I was trying to say. He called it a forum or a lounge where people could share images they don't want judged, but something they want to share with their friends at FAR, snapshots, cell phone snaps, etc.
    August 22 at 8:58PM
    Lmsmith: I have to say this does sound like a good idea from what I can grasp of it, tho a little bit confused. IE: Shirley you have been giving me some great critiques, but some of my work I would rather not have reviewed or just personal helps. Is this what you are meaning.
    August 24 at 2:12AM
    csimmons032: Congrats on winning the Flower(s) photo contest :) your photo deserved it :)
    August 31 at 12:55PM
    Kbanich: Congratulations on your recent win of the flowers contest. Nice going! Whew Hoo!
    September 18 at 5:26PM

FanArtReview wrote to Snopaw: Congratulations! Nessebar, Bulgaria won the contest "Framed Photo Contest"
March 16 at 12:10AM
    Sange: Fantabulous shot Miss Shirley!
    Bravo! ;)
    March 16 at 1:29AM
    eileen0204: Woohoo. Great piece!
    March 16 at 9:23AM
    Imagine Life: Congrats, a well deserved win!! :)
    March 16 at 9:55AM
    avmurray: Congratulations ! Well deserved win.
    March 16 at 2:34PM
    Michael Whitson: Congrats my friend. An incredible piece.
    March 16 at 4:01PM
    Snopaw: Thanks everyone for the congrats and great comments! My husband was the one who spotted this and hollered for me to come and shoot. I am sure I was outside the ruins stalking some flowers, lol :))
    March 16 at 11:36PM
    donkeyoatey: Huge congrats on a well deserved win!
    March 17 at 10:25AM
    Levon7: Terrific win, lovely image. Congrats to you!
    March 17 at 1:31PM
    stik551: OMG I'm so happy for you . It was a stunning photograph.
    June 5 at 8:53PM
    stik551: congratulations!
    July 19 at 9:50AM
    tdragonfly: Congratulations on all FOUR contest wins! That is impressive to win them all on one day.
    July 25 at 3:42AM
    farmgramma: Thank-you so much snopaw for sending a reply with all your info. I really appreciate. FG
    August 8 at 8:38PM
    Regina E.H-Ariel: congrats for your price and this fantastic shot
    August 17 at 7:06PM

FanArtReview wrote to Snopaw: Congratulations! Jin Mao Tower won the contest "Unexpected Angles Photo Contest"
February 23 at 12:10AM
    Sange: That shot just spinned me right round miss Shirley! Well done, YIPPEEEE and CONGRATS! =)
    February 23 at 1:17AM
    cleo85: Congratulations!!!
    Truly well deserved.
    February 23 at 12:36PM
    Snopaw: Thanks everyone, it was quite a thrill, especially since it wasn't a flower :))
    February 23 at 3:48PM
    Levon7: Congrats for the great win!!
    February 23 at 4:16PM
    avmurray: Congratulations !
    February 24 at 6:37AM
    eileen0204: Wonderful achievement, congratulations!
    February 24 at 7:34AM
    manicowl: Outstanding what a shot.
    February 25 at 9:01AM
    Snopaw: Thank you, thank you, I appreciate the great comments!!
    February 25 at 11:43AM
    SteveANH: Spectacular image and a well deserved win! Congratulations!
    February 25 at 5:10PM
    pattigirl: Congratulations! Beautiful image!
    March 17 at 6:54AM

FanArtReview wrote to Snopaw: Congratulations! Double Sunshine won the contest "Flowers Photography Contest"
June 11 at 12:10AM
    Clyde B.: Nice job Shirley, a beautiful piece of photographic artwork!!
    June 11 at 1:13AM
    avmurray: You are so clever with your Peruvians. Congratulations !!
    June 11 at 4:02AM
    donkeyoatey: Lovely piece, congratulations!
    June 11 at 6:04AM
    Snopaw: Thanks everybody, I am lucky to have these beauties grow right in my yard :)
    June 11 at 11:28AM
    helena6052: Congratulations! well deserved.
    June 11 at 1:34PM
    willie: Congratulations! Your winning this does not surprise me at all. I remember when you posted it and I knew then you would win!
    June 11 at 4:02PM
    faizanzhd: i have some awesome photography for sale contact (+923425077687)
    September 22 at 1:36PM
    Heungyoul Yin: Your photos are very creative and impressive.
    I'd like to improve my photos thru your photos. Thank you for your sharing.
    November 2 at 1:38PM
    eileen0204: Congrats Snopaw!!
    November 30 at 7:56PM

FanArtReview wrote to Snopaw: Congratulations! Iris and Cala Lilies won the contest "Nature In Black and White"
May 20 at 12:10AM
    ducilla: A truly wonderful image!.Congratulations on a well deserved win! dennis
    May 20 at 2:08AM
    wendyroby: Congratulations on winning the comp. It was a fabulous photo and you definitely deserved to win. Wendy
    May 20 at 7:29AM
    Jorge Gaete: Congratulations on a well done photography.
    May 20 at 8:55AM
    hekartstudio: Kudos to you on first place. Nicely done-HEK
    May 20 at 11:07AM
    fila4: Congratulations!
    May 20 at 12:22PM
    avmurray: What a lovely photo. Congratulations !!
    May 20 at 1:05PM
    old man bob: Congratulations on your win very beautiful picture. You deserved it.
    May 20 at 1:54PM
    phil1950: Congrats! well done
    May 20 at 7:33PM
    fotofriend: CONGRATULATIONS on your win! Well deserved - it is indeed a beautiful shot in b&w.
    May 21 at 4:08AM
    Lndslmn: Well deserved. Beautiful piece
    May 21 at 6:24AM
    havinfun: Very beautiful shot. Congratulations on your win.
    May 21 at 10:57AM
    Snopaw: Thanks so much to everyone. I really appreciate all the congrats and kind words. We just got back from Alaska, what a great surprise :)) Shirley
    May 21 at 12:21PM

FanArtReview wrote to Snopaw: Congratulations! Unique Gerber won the contest "Not Natural Anymore"
July 22 at 12:10AM
    avmurray: Congratulations. Well dserved. :)Annie
    July 22 at 1:07AM
    Kikaspics: Congrats!! A lovely bit work and so well deserved. Kika.
    July 22 at 2:29AM
    donkeyoatey: Congratulations..a truly lovely picture!
    July 22 at 8:44PM
    dodgement: I think your Petersburg pic should of won the competition, It was far better than the ones in front of you.
    July 25 at 7:30PM
    chickadee: Congrats on a well deserved win!!
    August 21 at 11:00AM
    miesu: Congratulations on your win. It is a stunning photo.
    December 17 at 11:18AM

FanArtReview wrote to Snopaw: Congratulations! Truly a Spring Bouquet won the contest "Flowers Photography Contest"
May 18 at 12:10AM
    ducilla: Congratulations ! You ARE the "Flower Queen"... Even on vacation you win...D.
    May 18 at 1:23AM
    Keri Harrish: Beautiful picture! Congrats :)
    May 18 at 1:32AM
    mnmcarta: Congrats to winning first! Very well deserved :)
    May 18 at 7:14AM
    Sinbaddd: Congrats, well deserved win. Sinbadd
    May 18 at 12:04PM
    Debdog: Look what happened when you weren't looking! Congratulations - Hope you are having a great time!
    May 18 at 12:07PM

FanArtReview wrote to Snopaw: Congratulations! Shipwreck near Roatan won the contest "Seascape Photography Contest"
April 10 at 12:10AM
    MadoriKind Images: Congradulations. Such an amazing piece of work. It's VERY VERY good and it won for good reason!
    April 10 at 1:00AM
    ducilla: Well deserved winner !! A great image..D
    April 10 at 2:07AM
    suffolkbrian: stunning shot of shipwreck,deserved to win
    April 10 at 2:34AM
    donkeyoatey: Congratulations..lovely picture! Donkeyoatey
    April 10 at 6:43AM
    kylaalex9: Congratulations on your win. Such an amazing photo! kylaalex9.
    April 10 at 8:01AM
    shiloh106: Congrats! Beautiful pic :)
    April 10 at 10:49AM
    emeraldheart: Great work,Congratulations.
    April 10 at 11:32AM
    ElaineHunter: congratulations, a great photo
    April 10 at 11:48AM
    Snopaw: Thanks to everyone, I appreciate the kind remarks! I have learned a lot over my years on FAR, never ignore the great advise you get here!! Shirley
    April 10 at 4:29PM
    JenniLynnPhotography: Congratulations on the first place win!! Amazing are very talented!! :0)
    April 12 at 11:39PM

FanArtReview wrote to Snopaw: Congratulations! Three Clydesdales and a Donkey is the new Mixed Media Photograph of the Month!
February 22 at 12:10AM
    donkeyoatey: Congratulations! great picture, deserved win! Donkeyoatey
    February 22 at 6:20AM
    Echo7: Very well done. It was an excellent image & thoroughly deserved to win. Congratulations =D
    February 22 at 8:02AM
    ducilla: Congratulations Shirley!..Well deserved win. Dennis
    February 22 at 11:07AM
    Snopaw: Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the very kind words :))
    February 22 at 1:20PM
    AmbienceStudio: Congratulations on such awesome work. It was sure a winner. Love your talent.
    February 22 at 4:07PM
    PixelArtisan: Shirley...this image is well deserving of the recognition. is a truly impressive and beautiful effort. Russ Cleversley
    February 23 at 10:29AM
    hekartstudio: Congratulations! A pleasing and unified composition-HEK
    February 24 at 10:56AM
    Snopaw: Thanks so much, means alot to get your kind congrats :))
    February 24 at 10:45PM
    Max Eac: Your work is so beautiful, so evocative, so hopeful. I really do need to spend more time with it. thank you so much.
    March 23 at 9:39PM

FanArtReview wrote to Snopaw: Congratulations! Arches NP won the contest "Nature In Black and White"
February 12 at 12:10AM
    ducilla: Congratulations Shirley!..Well deserved win for a excellent photo!..D.
    February 12 at 12:46AM
    A. Cawley: Congratulations! Beautiful photo :)
    February 12 at 4:31AM
    donkeyoatey: Way to go, and congratulations, lovely picture! Donkeyoatey
    February 12 at 7:42AM
    Echo7: Stunning image & a well worthy winner. Even more credit as you best some excellent entries. Well done
    February 12 at 12:34PM
    emeraldheart: Congratulations Shirley!! Excellent photo.Monica
    February 12 at 3:11PM
    hekartstudio: Congratualtions! A symphony of design-HEK
    February 12 at 4:48PM
    Snopaw: Thanks to everybody! Really brought a smile to my face, and studio lights I have wanted are now on order, lol. Thanks again!!
    February 12 at 11:05PM

FanArtReview wrote to Snopaw: Congratulations! The November winner of the Recognized Artist reward.
November 11 at 4:10PM
    ducilla: A perfect choice for this award!.. Congratulations on a very well deserved honor!...Dennis
    November 11 at 11:04AM
    Jorge Gaete: Beauty by any other name is just beauty' Congratulations well deserved.
    November 11 at 11:12AM
    MoonWillow: Yeahhhhh! Congratulations, Shirley!Well deserved, my friend :) Shawn
    November 11 at 1:09PM
    November 11 at 2:03PM
    DeeZ: Congratulations!
    November 11 at 2:49PM
    PetaPan35: YAY! Congratulations to you, Shirley, this is very well deserved and I am so pleased to see your work recognised in this way :-) Cheers, Peta :-)
    November 11 at 3:35PM
    emeraldheart: Congratulations!!!! Shirley, So happy to see this go to you.Well deserved.Monica
    November 11 at 3:37PM
    donkeyoatey: This is more than deserved..I am so glad! Donkeyoatey
    November 11 at 4:45PM
    PixelArtisan: Shirley...sometimes hard work pays off!! This is a very deserving recognition. Congratulations. I has to be inspiring ...soooo... get busy!! Russ Cleversley
    November 12 at 9:03AM
    seshadri_sreenivasan: Congratulations on a well deserved recognition. You capture simple things / moments in life so well.
    November 12 at 10:56AM
    fila4: Cogratulations!
    November 12 at 2:03PM
    Dazzleme: Well deserved award Shirley! Congrats! It is about time don't you think? lol
    November 12 at 7:27PM
    Yojo: Congratulations your work has been oustanding.
    November 12 at 8:22PM
    joli: Congrats on your fantastic win.
    November 12 at 8:35PM
    Robin Gillow: Congrats. So well deserved!
    November 12 at 10:36PM
    virginian: Congratulations!
    November 13 at 8:54PM
    RagsAuggie: Congratulations Well deserved!
    November 14 at 12:29AM
    belgrano: Congratulations
    November 14 at 9:48AM
    Personify: Congratulations
    January 28 at 7:08AM

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