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Location: Nevada
Gender: Male
Born: Yes,as a Scorpio
Interests: climbing,skiing,backpacking,duck hunting,gardening
Member: Standard
Joined: January 2008
I have been photographing landscapes for many years and constantly moving forward..(I hope..) I started with film but moved to digital as soon as the quality reached a higher level. I shoot mainly with a Canon 5D mk3 although I have a couple other camera bodies including a wonderful Canon 7D. The 5D mk3 is a good fit with the type of photography I tend to concentrate on. I use a few lenses, but my three mainstays are a Canon 17x40 "L"at f4,24x70 "L"at f2.8 and a 70x200 "L" f2.8..I usually have a medium, wide angle telephoto as my preferred glass and use various ND filters consistantly . I am also a fan of 50mm primes and am slowly learning the right places to use them..
I do most of my own printing in house and am currently printing on a Epson 3880 with a size of 17x24 as my maximum .. Its a pleasure to be able to adjust the images to my own parameters.. I also maintain a custom wood working shop for custom framing projects.I accept these projects on a case by case basis.. I can be reached at or my other work can be viewed at The site is set up for viewing as well as sales.There is a section there for some of my writings as well. Thanks for taking a moment to view how I look at this wonderful world... dennis

(You can find me on Facebook under the name Dennis Ducilla,like my page for some other images that are not on FAR..thanks,dennis)

Have FUN!!
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ducilla: Happy New Year everyone on FAR!!!!!! I know we are close to the last ones in the world to see this new year but I am willing to work hard to make up the lost time!!!! I hope only the very best for you all!!!...dennis
January 1 at 3:14AM
    avmurray: The same to you Dennis.
    January 1 at 10:00AM

ducilla: Merry Christmas everyone!..I am wishing and hoping for a year full of wonderful art for you all..Be safe and healthy....dennis
December 24 at 7:02PM

ducilla: A THREE way tie in a current contest that nets the winner 250 BUCKS!.Come on everyone who has not voted yet,BREAK this tie!! Let your true inner artist weigh in on which one you think is the winner in the Reflections contest!!...dennis
September 19 at 5:25PM
    Happy Snappy: I think a tie would be fair. 83 dollars is still a lot of money and they are all good :)
    September 19 at 6:01PM
    webster: Oh, the heck with it- just give the second place winner the prize... ;)
    September 19 at 9:12PM
    donkeyoatey: Give it to the person with NO votes..just to see what happens....LOL!
    September 19 at 9:22PM

ducilla: I want to congratulate both "Life is but a Dream" and "NautilusBlue" for their win in the "Parks in the Summer" contest! Both images are incredible and worthy winners! Way to go everyone who participated...dennis
September 5 at 8:19PM
    Therese168: Congratulations! Well deserved. :)
    September 6 at 2:25AM

ducilla: I have been creating a few contests lately.I wanted to see if the participation was high enough on FAR for a "expensive" entry and a large win.. I had hopes for a very high level of photography with these conditions.After looking through the entrants the quality of the submissions is extremely good and the contests will be a lot of fun and really "worth" winning..

I will not be participating but my enjoyment is just seeing the high level of photography on this site.Sometimes it seems to be in hiding but at least in the contests it is out in the front of our eyes. I hope you all enjoy and good luck to ALL of the participants!..Also,Thanks everyone for the encouragement ...dennis
August 27 at 12:01AM
    Echo7: I will have a look just now my friend. Haven't entered anything for I'd be happy to participate :)
    August 27 at 6:48AM
    Happy Snappy: I don't think I'm good enough to play with the big boys lol
    August 27 at 7:04AM
    Echo7: Course you are. If you need any help on night photography please do ask though. I do loads of it.
    August 27 at 9:55AM
    Happy Snappy: Thank you that is very kind. I have one I might use for the weekly contest but it's a bit grainy in places so I'm still working on it.
    August 27 at 9:57AM
    ducilla: Thanks my friends!!

    My point in these contests is for EVERYONE to have a chance to see their work in a true forum against the best and the not so good.We all complain at legnth about the "star" ratings being so generic.The contests at a higher level can give ALL of us a chance to see how we are doing .How we are progressing,how we can improve the art of photography..

    I know the buy in is expensive but I thought it would give all of the contestants a chance to ...pause....and enter their best work.A chance to learn from the winners and also learn from the not-winners.. We can promote our work to the top of the second page for three days and the cost currently is around 30 site dollars. For a small fee of 10 site dollars you can get five days of exposure and you also get to see the reality of how we all stack up with any single image..A VALUE in my eyes!...

    I also want everyone to know the names involved.I want you to know the winners so that you can ask questions,ask about the winners style or technique. As a learning site we need more avenues for considerate interaction.Not the endless diatribe about how the star system fails..I also would LOVE to see at least 100 votes take part in the selection process.We see so much work and so many review it is incredible to me that so few participate in the contest voting. Really everyone,take part,be active in this learning community.We are here for the betterment of all art.ENJOY the process and lets "Occupy FAR"....dennis
    August 27 at 12:55PM
    avmurray: I just entered your contest Dennis. I don't have one single night shot, and I am not even very good at it, but I will take it as a challenge. I will try to get some when I am here in Greece.
    August 27 at 1:14PM

ducilla: I will be gone for a couple weeks again . I am so lucky to live in a area of this wonderful country that offers so much to see without really going that far. I am looking forward to seeing the meteor shower that takes place around the 12th of August across a nice high Sierra lake . Perhaps I can improve my "star" photography with the help of nature and a beautiful summer night? If not then I will enjoy the experience and look at my attempts with my own "starry" eyes..Be safe everyone and I will get to my image replies as soon as I can.Until then please know I appreciate each and every comment on my photography..Thanks and be safe!,dennis
August 5 at 2:51AM
    sarnewfie: Cannot wait to see the pics you post from your trip! Be safe!
    August 5 at 12:12PM

ducilla: I leave tomorrow for a nice long trip into the North-West US.. I am really looking forward to the peace and quiet and all of the incredible scenery that surrounds that area.. I hope everyone stays happy and healthy for the next few weeks!..See you soon with perhaps a few new images...dennis
July 11 at 3:48PM
    avmurray: Have a nice trip and take some fantastic photographs
    July 11 at 3:55PM
    donkeyoatey: Bring back pictures to share, for those of us who can't get away just now!
    July 11 at 11:02PM
    fila4: Best wishes on your trip and the peace and quiet. Always a good thing.
    July 12 at 1:34PM
    P W RYAN: you've been busy creating contests; welcome back! :)
    July 31 at 8:33PM

ducilla: I just returned from a trip to the ranches of the central part of Nevada,, It was a wonderful week of livestock and totally wonderful people,and of course NO internet or cell service (to speak of at least)..

I was thrilled to see my book"A morning Has Broken" was approved for a "Diamond Seal".. This committee is one of the toughest around and after being rejected for my last submission I am on cloud nine to see this book with its seal..Thanks to all of the reviewers and the committee members...dennis
May 14 at 7:50PM

ducilla: I would like to thank FAR 's contest committee for choosing "A star is born" as the "seeing green" contest winner..

I also want to thank everyone who left a comment You are all the reason this site works and you are also the reason it will continue to work. I am completly humbled by your responces! !!! thanks seems like a weak way to express my thoughts...dennis
March 20 at 8:57PM
    pzoette: Ah, some of us know how to vote for winners :)
    March 24 at 4:50AM

FanArtReview wrote to ducilla: Congratulations! A Star is Born won the contest "Seeing Green Photo Contest"
March 16 at 12:10AM
    foureyes: Well done!
    March 16 at 12:17AM
    helvi2: Congrats Dennis, your green image was stunning! :o)
    March 16 at 12:25AM
    avmurray: Congratulations Dennis. It is a fantastic photo.
    March 16 at 3:14AM
    fila4: Alright! Congratulations!
    March 16 at 9:13AM
    P W RYAN: congrats Dennis!
    March 16 at 9:19AM
    chrissie.: Many congrats! It's a stunning photo.
    March 16 at 12:09PM
    obriej01: Congratulations! Beautiful pic!
    March 16 at 12:15PM
    suffolkbrian: well done dennis,well good shot this..brian
    March 16 at 2:01PM
    suffolkbrian: well done dennis,well good shot this..brian
    March 16 at 2:01PM
    hekartstudio: Congrats! You really saw green-HEK
    March 16 at 3:37PM
    phil1950: Congrats! Dennis well donee.
    March 16 at 5:03PM
    filly421: It's a wonderful photo. Congratulations.
    March 16 at 7:48PM
    fotofriend: Heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS Dennis! I really liked this shot from the moment I first saw it. Well done and well deserved win!
    March 16 at 9:36PM
    icnpictures: Great shot- Congrats! Cindy B
    March 20 at 6:25PM

ducilla: Happy Valentines day to all the great members of FAR!!! Enjoy the ones you love today!!!It is the people in our life that shape not only our personal world but our art. Let the beauty of life wash over you and yours today...dennis
February 14 at 2:07PM
    Keri Harrish: Happy V Day to you! You're right, it is the people in our life who help shape us.
    February 14 at 2:24PM
    Sinbackkk: Happy V day,Love ya Deb...
    February 15 at 6:29AM
    Echo7: Love ya too Deb
    February 15 at 2:39PM

ducilla: As we wander into a new calendar year I always seem to get a bit lost in what was before I really look into what will be.. I look at the New Year more as a Thanksgiving time than a renewal time. I am thankful for great friends that I have never met,I am thankful for the many brief encounters with folks that think very similar to me. It is this interaction that pushes the human spirit to achieve beyond its mediocre comfort zone. So I guess I am really trying to thank everyone here at FAR for the wonderful moments of clarity and friendship that have been offered and accepted this year!!!

I can now look forward to a bright and hopefully happy (and healthy )365 days of new encounters with all of the great people that infest the pages of FAR,New and Old alike....HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!
December 31 at 4:20PM
    Flight_of_Raven: Happy New Year, Dennis! I wish you the best of luck in tracking down your photo opps, and I hope I get to view lots of your new work!
    December 31 at 8:07PM
    Michael Collier: Best wishes for a great New Year Dennis.
    December 31 at 8:57PM
    donkeyoatey: Happy New year..and the best to you and yours!
    December 31 at 9:48PM
    NinaDd: Yes, happy new year!
    January 1 at 12:56AM

ducilla: I want to wish all of the wonderful,talented artist here at FAR A joyous Holiday season!..Your comments and reviews have continued to encourage and challenge all of us to produce even better work! THANK YOU ONE AND ALL...dennis
December 23 at 2:39PM
    digitalscud: Many thank 'dennis' for congratulating me on my first ever win with my 'Multi Colored Wheel' picture. And especially nice coming from someone so talented like yourself, a 'Level 5 Pro'. It was very kind of you to take the time to congratulate me. Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and a very happy and prosperous 2012 New Year.
    December 24 at 6:44AM

ducilla: I would like to wish everyone in the United States a wonderful Thanksgiving! And to all of the rest of this wonderful community I wish for you the spirit we have for a day of thanks ..Enjoy your world wherever you are..Happy Thanksgiving!!..dennis
November 24 at 2:06AM
    Flight_of_Raven: Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Have a wonderful day!
    November 24 at 3:27AM
    P W RYAN: Happy Thanksgiving Dennis!
    November 24 at 7:37AM
    Echo7: On behalf of all the British People...I would like to wish them all another cold bloody day with overcast skies & pouring rain.
    November 24 at 9:57AM
    Echo7: Damn....i sounded angry there...noooo. I just meant that i was celebrating another miserable day.

    But for all the Americanas here. Happy Turkey Eating Day =D
    November 24 at 9:58AM
    ducilla: LOL..Its OK to be angry as I am watching real football and eating like there may be no food tomorrow!.. No matter how or where we live it is days like this that give "joy to the world" meaning! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!..dennis
    November 24 at 2:23PM
    LowRider: Now I have no doubt-----Echo been miserable and steeling my dam turkey's----
    November 24 at 8:57PM
    Betty517: Happy Holidays!
    December 23 at 2:42PM

ducilla: I have just returned from a extended trip into the natural wonders of the western US. I return with a renewed appreciation of how incredibly lucky we are to live on a planet with such wonderful natural beauty. Of course the fact I am a photographer helps me to "see" this beauty over and over again so the experience can be extended beyond the moment...Dennis
August 1 at 6:49PM
    donkeyoatey: Welcome back..and I can't wait to see the new shots! We are indeed lucky to see so many natural wonders!
    August 2 at 3:02PM
    hekartstudio: Sieze the moments. "The days that are still to come are the wisest witnesses" (Pindar). You achieved much and the future holds many possibilities-HEK
    August 3 at 3:27AM
    Jorge Gaete: Welcome back, I just got back myself. Congrats and you are right, the best is yet to come.
    August 10 at 5:49PM
    MKFlood: hey ducilla, i personally want to welcome you aboard the football traditional art(no photo) contest that you reserved. i cant wait to see what your work that will be entered in here! i just didnt know who and if many would enter this contest that i am challenging, but again i want to thank you for your participation.
    November 6 at 8:51AM

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