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Location: Lebanon
Gender: Female
Born: 9/7/49
Interests: reading,writing,painting, walking, outdoors,photography
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2008
Julie Grace is a self-taught artist. She likes to work in pastel & oils. She has been painting off an on for the past 15 years. She recently started doing digitally enhanced photography and other abstract digital art pieces.

Most of her work is in the landscape/seascape catagory, but she has branched out to include portrait work. Her portraits are scanned images on artist canvas and then hand painted in oils. Her six grandchildren have been her greatest subjects to paint.

Over the last year she has begun working in mixed media photography and computer generated abstract art. She recently launched her career as a book cover artist. Her latest book cover graced Robert Dennis Wilson's novel entitled, The Players which launched on Oct 13th in e-book form on the Barnes & Noble website. It is due to also be released as a POD in softcover soon. Watch for his first book in his Dragon Back Series due out the end of Oct or first part of November which I am doing also.

She has been an active Real Estate Agent for the last 4 years and gets her highest satisfaction working with first time home buyers.

She is also a published poet. Her lastest work was published by Publish America in 2004 entitled, "Visions of Apercu" which is co-authored with her youngest daughter, Faith.

She was born and raised in California, but now resides in Missouri. She is mother of four grown daughters, and grandmother of six.
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jgrace: Haven't been on Fan Art Review for awhile, but will start posting some of my work again. Jan 6th, I became a great-grandmother. Jenna Renae was born early weighing less than 3 lbs, but now weighs 5lbs. & is getting stronger everyday. We hope she will be able to go home soon.
February 6 at 4:04AM

jgrace: Just finished up my book cover design for the 2nd book in the Dragon Back Trilogy entitled "My Brother's Keeper." It will be available soon.
Also, did a cover for Jonathan Waterman's novel entitled "Hopeless Love" due out soon.
December 31 at 4:25PM

jgrace: I opened up a store online at Zazzle. I have various items with my art designs on them. Postcards,notecards,mugs,prints. Also, cases for IPad,IPod,Blackberry and sleeves for Laptops.
December 31 at 4:23PM

jgrace: Keeping busy online. I am working on another book cover for a first time author from Australia. His book is an adventure novel due to be published the end of January 2012.
December 11 at 3:35AM
    ducilla: Congratulations Julie! Your work deserves to get this recognition!..dennis
    December 11 at 2:13PM

jgrace: Robert Dennis Wilson is about to release the 2nd book in his Dragonback Series, entitled "My Brother's Keeper." I'm excited to see it in final print, since I'm the one who designed the book cover.
November 28 at 1:25AM

jgrace: Nice Thanksgiving surprise. Another sale on Fine Art America.
November 28 at 1:24AM

FanArtReview wrote to jgrace: Congratulations! Island in the Sun is the new Digital Painting of the Month!
June 6 at 12:10AM
    donkeyoatey: Another lovely work! Congratulations! Donkeyoatey
    June 6 at 5:59AM
    hekartstudio: Congratulations! A lovely, well-designed piece-HEK
    June 6 at 9:43AM
    Echo7: Too cool. Extremely well done. Beautifully rendered. Almost looks like Scotland

    June 6 at 12:20PM
    lindansteph: Fabulous Julie x Well Done
    June 6 at 2:41PM
    ducilla: YES!..Congratulations!...D.
    June 6 at 11:40PM
    PixelArtisan: Hi Julie, this was certainly a very nice image and in the right contest it may have done well. This is actually a 3D image that was mis-categorized as a 2D digital painting. This happens quite often and is unfair to the digital artists that paint entirely from scratch. I wish that the site would create new categories of 3D Renderings and 2D Digital Fine Art. It is almost impossible for a digital 2D artist to compete against a 3D rendering. Just as it is with digital abstracts versus digital fine art. In the real world, nothing is perfect!! The lines are becoming blurred. I do enjoy your incursion into 3D rendering. Your images are excellent.
    Russ Cleversley
    June 8 at 9:13AM

jgrace: If you need another great website to promote your art, check out Art Online shopping cart, print on demand, etc. To visit my site and leave feedback for me:
March 8 at 11:51PM

FanArtReview wrote to jgrace: Congratulations! Sunset Beach is the new Digital Painting of the Month!
January 28 at 12:10AM
    hekartstudio: Congratulations! on such a beautiful digitally drawn creation.
    January 28 at 10:33AM
    ducilla: Congratulations Julie!!.. Excellent creation...Dennis
    January 28 at 10:53AM
    virginian: Congratulations !!!!
    January 28 at 8:08PM
    DeeZ: Congrats, great work!
    January 30 at 11:31AM
    MarthaHolloway: I have an Aunt and Uncle that live in Lebanon. Don't get over there very often but love the drive when we do. I live in Willow Springs, which you've probably never heard of. We are only about 40 miles from the AR border. I'm reading your write-up and looking at your artwork as it is scrolling down. You are very talented. I really like your seascapes.
    April 10 at 6:20PM

FanArtReview wrote to jgrace: Congratulations! Man Contemplating Time is the new Mixed Media Photograph of the Month!
December 22 at 12:10AM
    donkeyoatey: Congrats! Well thougt out piece! Donkeyoatey
    December 22 at 8:20AM
    ducilla: This is a wonderful image Julie!.. Creative and presented with expertise!..Congratulations...Dennis
    December 22 at 10:54AM
    DeeZ: Congratulations...this is a wonderful work of art and I'm so glad you won!
    December 22 at 12:04PM
    Echo7: Very well done Julie. Excellent shot.
    December 22 at 7:07PM
    virginian: Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!
    December 22 at 9:05PM
    jgrace: I want to thank everyone for their kind words of support. They are very much appreciated. Merry Christmas to all of you. God bless.
    December 22 at 9:29PM
    kanagraj: Dear Jgrace congratulations for the mixed media photographer of this month and we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.
    December 24 at 11:05PM

jgrace: You can view all my new book cover designs on my website at
I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
December 13 at 8:46AM

jgrace: Paperbacks are Ready. Now you can order both novels in paperback at the following website:
Poison of the Thorns-Dragon's Back Trilogy-Book 1

The Players
November 14 at 12:22AM

jgrace: I am so excited..I just finished the final revision for my 2nd book cover and received approval from the author. Signing contracts this evening. The book should be out in a few days.. God is amazing!
October 17 at 6:06PM
    donkeyoatey: have worked hard for it! Donkeyoatey
    October 17 at 9:09PM
    gbosma: inspiring work ,keep on the path
    God has plans for you. great colors!
    October 30 at 10:09AM

FanArtReview wrote to jgrace: Congratulations! Entering the Dreamscape is the new Digital Composition of the Month!
May 20 at 12:10AM
    ducilla: YEA!!!!!..A well deserved win Julie!! Congratulations...Dennis
    May 20 at 12:20AM
    Snopaw: Congratulations Julie!! :~) Shirley
    May 20 at 1:22AM
    SCTaft: Way to go Julie. Scott
    May 20 at 4:42PM
    Hotshot: Congratulations Julie, this is very well deserved !!
    May 21 at 7:34AM

jgrace: I love using lots of different software in creating my artwork. I constantly strive to create work which is different, creative and has lots of impact. I'm a big fan of color and try to create works filled with bold color and lots of detail. My greatest reward is when a composition of mine brings others joy. I look forward to contributing to Fan Art, hopefully for a long time.
March 28 at 1:30AM
    jgrace: October 13, 2010
    My newly formed business venture went live today. My "Entering the Dreamscape" above that won Digital Composition of the Month was chosen by a Christian author for the cover of his new book which I designed. It went live today on Barnes & Noble as a sci-fi e-book entitled, "Earth-The Arena #1-The Players. I am also going to be designing the rest of the novels in this series.
    Check it out at:

    He is also releasing a new series called, "The Dragon's Back Trilogy- Book 1-"The Poison of Thorns", which I will be doing the cover art for also. Should be released sometime end of Oct or first week in November.
    October 14 at 12:18AM
    Smurphgirl: This is fantastic news. The first time I saw your work I knew you had talent and book covers was the first thing to come to mind. I am so pleased and proud of you. Terrific new. I am sincerely thrilled for you!
    October 14 at 11:25PM
    Dazzleme: Great job with your publishing! Congrats on all your accomplishments!
    October 20 at 5:00PM

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