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Posted: October 8, 2019

Out on 'The Flats'!

~ Here! Right Here! ~

by Sean T Phelan

'The Flats',several miles south of town and pretty close alongside the Hudson River, have been a notorious 'street racing' location since 'time out of mind' ( at least since the dirt wagon road known as 'the Old Saratoga Pike' was paved and became a part of 'U.S. Route Four' back in the 1920s! ) and quite a number of lives have been lost and cars have been wrecked in misadventures that have taken place there. This particular spot,according to an unsubstantiated but widely believed local legend anyway,was the site of a particularly spectacular late night,high speed,head-on crash between a modified Hudson 'Hornet' sedan and a fully loaded tractor trailer way back in the 1950s. ( I've tried to research the crash but 'no luck on that' so far although I have ( or at least imagined that I have! ) seen the 'Ghost Car'-a spotless white '51 or '52 Hudson Hornet- that 'resulted' from that mysterious crash cruising silently along this stretch of road ( and then disappearing without a trace ) before! 'Ah,the Mysteries!' ( And I realize that it was foolish of me to stand in the middle of the road to take pictures too! : ) )

Post Type: Photography
Mixed Media: Minor , a photo that I tried 'cleaning up' a little with some contrast and coloration adjustments,And some cropping.

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