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Smitten with a kitten

still life kitten

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Comment from booklotto

Deserves a 6 when I get one. This is stunning with that look. Great presentation. Love the eyes and facials. Perfect details. Your great at what you do. Beautiful kitty. More of these please! Thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 10-Oct-2018

Comment from Envision

This is just so cute! You have given this little kitty the most adorable expression and you did a good job getting the entire kitten essence to show. The shading of the fur looks great too. I'm glad you placed in the contest :)

 Comment Written 13-Sep-2018

Comment from MKFlood

cute kitty. the shading is good. the details is good. the facial expression is cute. the body form and language is good the depth is good. the creation is balanced and eye appealing to the viewer. creative and good job overall.

 Comment Written 05-Sep-2018

Comment from Mari Sherard

Sweet image of a little kitten. I like the way you shaded your kitten and how they have a puzzled look on their face. The stripes are hard to do on the fur but you did a good job. Thanks for sharing.

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 Comment Written 05-Sep-2018

Comment from Dick Lee Shia

Cute pet portrait with sharp facial details & fluffy texture.

Great slightly above angle as he looks dominant and a bit mature here...

Ideal off centered positioning.
Nice monochromatic rendition.
Thanks for sharing...

 Comment Written 05-Sep-2018

Comment from Donna Ruiz

Very sweet piece you created Miranda. You managed to capture the sweet, innocent gaze of this young kitten. I can almost feel his soft fuzzy coat. A very nice contest entry. Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 04-Sep-2018

Comment from SandraInSpain

This is beautiful. Lovely soft lines, making for a fluffy, cuddlesome bundle of fur. I love everything about this, especially those eyes. Excellent work.

 Comment Written 04-Sep-2018

Comment from Monica Morrell

Adorable. You have captured such a soft and gentle little kitty.
Great facial expression. Lovely technique in the fur.
Nice proportions.
I would love to see the eyes come a live with a little color.
Really well done.

 Comment Written 04-Sep-2018

Comment from liseworks

cute! looks like his ears are moving and he is listening, love the details of those whiskers, the shading is very good in this sketch,,love the markings here

 Comment Written 04-Sep-2018

Comment from GaliaG

An excellent draw of a very cute little cat

excellent technique, creativity and initial impact

good composition and presentation

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 04-Sep-2018