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Sunset Departure

A ship sailing at sunset.

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Comment from Artistic Chick

I have to be honest. I have skipped over this one 2-3 times over the past couple days. Because I assume you aren't old enough to have taken the photo live. So I dont know what it is a picture of. A picture of a picture? Finally, you have spent your money to promote a photo you feel confident in. I owe it to you to review it and do so honestly as I see this...whatever, however and whoever first produced this. Okay, first, I get the feel that this ship was making a war-related mission? Dont know. Just the time of day, the type of ship, the era. That's the feel I get. The very eeriness of the sky and its color kinda looks like sailing into a storm even if figuratively speaking. The color of the atmosphere adds to the feel and is almost haunting. Clearly this was a moment in time that screamed out to you as well. It has the ability for the observer to write a story. Instead of using the photo to illustrate their seems to have the ability to cause a writer to make his story revolve around the photo.

 Comment Written 17-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 17-Mar-2019
    I do very much appreciate your detailed and very considered review! It is just a photo of a ship sailing out of Liverpool, England just as sunset was developing. Like the way your review turns and twists around nearly every sentence!
reply by Artistic Chick on 17-Mar-2019
    You're welcome, and thank you for the reviewer of the month nomination. Very much appreciated.
Comment from cleo85

This is an intriguing capture. I like haw the view of the ship and the windmills is defused by the haze and the landscape behind disappears into the fog. The water shining and glistening in the low light is also interesting. The limitation of color is appealing.

 Comment Written 16-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 16-Mar-2019
    I am very pleased that you found my photo both interesting and enjoyable! Very many thanks for your kind review!!
reply by cleo85 on 16-Mar-2019
    You're most welcome. :o)
Comment from Renate-Bertodi

Using the antique colouring really works with this thoroughly modern cargo ship and electric wind machines. Gives it sort of depth. Love the way the water comes inland in a snake of left over water.

 Comment Written 16-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 16-Mar-2019
    Very many thanks for your nice review!
Comment from gswell

I like the toned range you have selected for this image.
I feel the image could have had more impact if you cropped of some of the sand in the foreground, to just below the waterline as it adds little value to the image. The birds add extra interest and its rather a strange image with the wind turbines in the ocean

 Comment Written 16-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 16-Mar-2019
    Thanks for your interesting review!
Comment from Hilma A.

What a terrific sepia toned image. I love the scene as fades into the distance and feels remote. The balance is perfect with the ship coming in from the left and a person standing or walking to the far right. It's a lovely and calming scene with a sense early morning.

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 16-Mar-2019
    I do appreciate your nice review!
Comment from Patti C

I like the sepia look of the photo, and it's very clear. I think cropping it differently would help the composition considerably. I'd crop the right side and bottom some. The person is nice because it shows scale, but the story is the ship. The birds are nice as are the windmills, but I'd crop the far right one. Focus more on the ship/port to better define your story. Just work on composition a bit more. Keep at it!

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 Comment Written 15-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 16-Mar-2019
    Very many thanks for your detailed review and ideas!
reply by Patti C on 16-Mar-2019
    Your very welcome. If I complain about something I like to suggest ways to remove the reason for the complaint. ;-)
reply by the author on 16-Mar-2019
    No problem!
Comment from orchidrn

A very nice photo of this container ship setting sail at sunset. I like the misty orange glow you have captured well for this time of day. I think it would have been a little more dramatic if some sky and beach had been cropped. However still a very nice piece of work.

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 16-Mar-2019
    I am grateful for your nice review!
Comment from Christine Rohr

The is an interesting sunset picture but it is really much more than that. I really do like the misty golden softness of it. But what I also really like is the feeling of vastness. I believe that is a person at the water's edge and they look tiny... There is another worldliness to it, I think because of the scale, the windmills and the misty color. Great photograph.

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 15-Mar-2019
    Your very detailed and thoughtful review is much appreciated!
reply by Christine Rohr on 15-Mar-2019
    Do I write too much??? I'll try to br briefer I just j
    Feel like I am starting to have more understanding.
Comment from MKFlood

nice capture..the angle of the shot of the ship, windmill, water, mist, hilly skyline and sky view is great. the capture of the light is great. the clarity is great. the image is balanced and eye appealing to the viewer. good eye and great job overall.

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 15-Mar-2019
    Very many thanks for your kind review!
Comment from cakemp55

A lovely subdued sunset image of a container ship sailing out at dusk.
I really like the composition and the added interest of the wind generators and layers of light and shade on the water and sand.
Great clarity and focus and a pleasure to view.

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 15-Mar-2019
    Glad you enjoyed my photo and very many thanks for your kind review! Have a great weekend!!