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Battle of Kings

Watercolor wash on cold press paper/slight crop

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Comment from Renate-Bertodi

Excellent painting if from a photograph. His fur looks real and you did see him real. Sounds like an amazing experience. I have seen endless films of Alaska bears hunting salmon, as it is a favourite of film makers. Excellent representation of same.

 Comment Written 04-May-2019

reply by the author on 04-May-2019
    Hi Renate. Thanks so much for your lovely review. I watch endless films about bears too. It is so much better to see them a couple of arms lengths away. I spent a week there and would go again.
reply by Renate-Bertodi on 05-May-2019
    my page disappeared just as I was writing reviews, so I apologise if you did not get a review.
Comment from jesuel

were you using watercolor pencils with a brush as well watercolor pencils can give you some nice lines nonetheless this is very beautiful work here

 Comment Written 29-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 30-Apr-2019
    Just a watercolor brush. I have never worked with the pencils. Thanks so much for this wonderful review and the extra star.
Comment from Mary Christman

What a great idea to take a photo and create this beautiful piece of art. This watercolor painting looks like something that belongs in a book!
I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 28-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 29-Apr-2019
    Thanks so much for this really wonderful review. Unfortunately no book to put it in.
Comment from Joan McKay

This is a beautiful watercolour. You have captured the bear's coat extremely well and the shading is superb. I think the portion of the painting below his eyes could use a little more work but the bear still looks extremely good. The fish is really well done and although it is close to the background colour, you have done a wonderful job of making it stand out. I wish I could give you an extra 1/2 point for this picture because it truly is lovely.

 Comment Written 28-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 28-Apr-2019
    Thank you Joan for the wonderful review and the thoughtful comments. I appreciate comments that can inform any improvements in my work. I don't know about you but sometimes I am not sure when to say when. Or where a little tweak could take my work to another level. I think the real benefit of this site by the way.
    Thanks again.
reply by Joan McKay on 02-May-2019
    I understand very well what you mean when you say, 'I am not sure when to say when' because I often have that problem in doing art. You are very welcome for the review and good luck (which means keep on working) on your future endeavors in art. I think you have good talent and will keep getting better over time.
reply by the author on 03-May-2019
    Thanks so much Joan. Nothing like experience.
reply by Joan McKay on 07-May-2019
    You are very welcome, Christine.
Comment from Joanna Bachman

You have depicted the wet fur,and,its colors,complete with the reddish yellow ones on the bear's neck,beautifully.The stream of water falling from your salmon is well done,as well.
Joanna Bachman

 Comment Written 28-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 28-Apr-2019
    Thanks so much for the positive review Joanna. Much appreciated.
reply by Joanna Bachman on 29-Apr-2019
    You are welcome.It was my pleasure.
Comment from Brendaartwork18

An unusual imaged artwork very well executed and of much interest along with your story. The colourwash has given a very nice real feel to this scene especially over the water splash and fish which in true nature are light and see through. Whilst the bear is skillfully drawn and completed using the darker colours and giving again a very realistic appearance to the fur.

 Comment Written 28-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 28-Apr-2019
    Brenda, This is a lovely detailed review, and I appreciate not only the positive review but the time you took to review it.
Comment from mamamary

You are very talented! The bear looks like he is real. I like the detail of his coat and the piercing eye. That fish didn't stand a chance. I also like your attention to detail. Good luck in the contest!

 Comment Written 27-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 28-Apr-2019
    Mary, I know with your teaching background you have an eye for detail and a knowledge of painting. I can't thank you enough for this review!
reply by mamamary on 28-Apr-2019
    Sometimes I see too much, but in this case it worked.
Comment from Lucas Sizov

This is an awesome piece of art! You got it perfectly Christine! I would never guess it's a watercolor painting! Excellent details! Excellent composition! Great choice of colors! I am so glad to see and review a realistic art, because the most of the art posts on FAR are abstract pieces. Congrats on the second winning place!!! The higher raiting is deserved!!!

 Comment Written 27-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 28-Apr-2019
    Thank you so much Lucas for this superlative review. I don't have any skill at abstract art. It would come out a muddled mess!! I am glad we are all different. Heart felt thanks with hugs.
Comment from michiganmike

A beautiful image that captures the relationship between the salmon and the bears very well. The colors are beautiful and the detail in the bear's fur is superb.

 Comment Written 27-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 27-Apr-2019
    Thanks so much for this really wonderful review, Mike. I really appreciate your comments. I know you don't always review art so I feel really honored.
Comment from adriansart

This is fabulous!! Full of drama full of action Christine!

If this is taken from a photo that you took I would be over the moon with just that if it were mine!

Love how the bear has its eyes firmly focused of the salmon and this in turn pushes your eye the the curves of the fish would make a great large canvas!

 Comment Written 27-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 27-Apr-2019
    Hi Adrian, thanks so much for this really wonderful review. I treasure my bear photos, so I am with you there. These are magnificent animals.
    Thanks a million for your review.