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Sandra c. valentini
Location: jessup, pa
Gender: Female
Born: june 25,1955
Interests: art is my passion, i love to read. music all kinds, cat stevens is my idol
Member: Standard
Joined: August 2009
iam a self taught artist. i am married for 35 years. iam 55 years young! i have two children, renee and dane. i have two grandchildren, tori and matthew. i carry my liile kodak easyshare camera with me always. my family members are constant inspirations. i thank god for my talent every day. i also am handicapped. i have multiple sclerosis. i walk with a cane and the disease has taken away my vision in my right eye. i am a one eyed artis lol. laugh , ido. i never waste time feeling sorry for myself! you will see my beautiful grandaughter, tori many times . i never tire of painting her lovely face. the photos i take become paintings and drawings. my family is beautiful and they make great models.i can be reached on face book. also
this too shall pass
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Geraldine Evans
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Sandra c. valentini: i would just like to tell all my fellow artists of a great website i found while surfing.
it's called;
if your looking for inspiration these photos are royalty free, and posted for the purpose of artists meeting photographers and creating art. there are no fees and no complications. you can post your finished piece her. great site!
March 28 at 6:09PM
    Echo7: That sounds excellent. I would love to see paintings made from my photography. Thanks a million for this.

    The beat goes on
    March 28 at 6:22PM
    Echo7: domain name is up for sale. I'm buying it.
    March 28 at 6:25PM
    Echo7: Ive contacted the owner & left my phone number & email address. Just waiting on them contacting me.

    The site is a great idea & a winner for sure.

    I'm sure there would be many people that would love to share photos in the hope somebody would like to paint one.

    Michelle Lebouf of Fanartreview painted one of my photos & posted it here. I was thoroughly impressed & it was a great compliment.
    March 29 at 3:36PM

Sandra c. valentini: check out my slide show on you tube just type in sandra valentini
February 24 at 7:24PM
    Delia1111: well...YOU GO GIRL !!! Congrats :)
    February 27 at 11:22AM

Sandra c. valentini: i am so excited. i have been contacted by Warner Bros. prop department. they are going to use two of my paintings in a movie they are working on. the movie is called "The Conjuring"". they have chosen "pink shoes" and "my tia baby". they will be wall decor in a little girls room. isn"t this so cool?
February 1 at 6:24PM
    webster: WOW! So cool! Congrats! I'd be thrilled.
    February 1 at 6:50PM
    emeraldheart: Congratulations!! That is so exciting.
    February 1 at 7:10PM
    Geraldine Evans: OMG! That is amazing. Congratulations.
    February 1 at 7:43PM
    ducilla: Congratulations Sandra!!!! How great is this?....dennis
    February 1 at 8:21PM
    Keri Harrish: So awesome! Good for you!!!
    February 1 at 9:48PM
    fila4: Sounds really awesome to me!
    February 1 at 11:58PM
    donkeyoatey: I am very happy for exciting!
    February 2 at 8:22PM
    icnpictures: Very cool!! did they see your paintings here or somewhere else? Super neat!!
    February 4 at 11:20AM
    dmccarragher: Congratulations Sandra. This is way cool.
    February 13 at 10:26AM
    Blackjaxe47: Congratulations Sandra, I justy read the notes, sorry for being so late.
    February 27 at 4:16PM
    Blackjaxe47: One of these days I will learn how to type, problem is I have very large hands and they don't make keyboards large enough....well thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it.....LOL
    February 27 at 4:17PM

Sandra c. valentini: today is the day before my son's wedding. i am so happy and excited. a beautiful outdoor wedding by our koi pond. happy wedding day, Dane and Jess! love you!
September 2 at 10:41AM

Sandra c. valentini: thank you all my artist friends for the prayers and sorrows sent. i still have not been able to pick up a pencil or brush! i hope i can fill up some of the emtiness left by loseing my mom. i hope to get back to my art soon. i know my broken heart will mend in time. the hardest part is reliving that accident every morning i open my eyes. pray fo me my friends, sandra
June 28 at 9:58AM
    donkeyoatey: I know it is hard to believe, but I have been in your shoes, and only time helps..and that just gives perspective.
    June 28 at 5:36PM
    basilbaby: I am so sorry to hear,I have not been on here much of late,what sadnnes,and terrible tragedy ,praying for strength,for you and yours
    August 13 at 9:03PM

Sandra c. valentini: i haven't been to visit all my artists friends here in many days. my husband ,my mother and myself were in a very violent car crash on sunday june 5. i lost my mom . i am so broken. please anyone who can pray for the heavy hearts of my family. god bless this woman who would have given up her life willingly for those she loved. i love you mom! rest peace sylvia cliff!!!!!!
June 9 at 10:11AM
    donkeyoatey: Please acce[t my condolences, and heartfelt prayers. Donkeyoatey
    June 9 at 12:25PM
    Pat Christensen: OH how very awful! May the prayers and heatfelt healing hands of pain be with you and yours at this terrible time. Thinking of you and yours. Pat
    June 9 at 1:38PM
    webster: My prayers are with you and your family. Very sorry to hear of this.
    June 9 at 6:02PM
    Stockcarver: I am so very sorry for your loss.
    June 9 at 6:16PM
    P W RYAN: thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I am truly sad for your tragic loss.
    June 9 at 7:34PM
    RagsAuggie: My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours so sad to hear!
    June 10 at 10:16AM
    cleo85: There are no words to help; I know. Be sure of my sympathy.
    June 14 at 4:16PM
    Gloria Stanley Brown: So very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    June 15 at 7:25AM
    BurntOfferingsart: My prayers and , I am sure those of all the other artists, are with you at this time .
    June 17 at 10:56AM

Sandra c. valentini: if this website were actually rated by talent this would be my list of the top ten artists.
1. mubashir iqbal
5gary's art
7. minoyasue
8 burnt offerings art.
9 crystal creations
May 11 at 9:16AM
    Gloria Stanley Brown: Wow! Would I even make it in your top 20? I'll continue with my High School doodlings.
    May 21 at 10:28AM

Sandra c. valentini: i am so excited and happy. i have just recieved the diamond seal.yahoooo! i'm happy
April 24 at 9:44AM
    donkeyoatey: congratulations to is a high honor to achieve! Donkeyoatey
    April 24 at 11:41AM
    ducilla: Congratulations!.. The work is wonderful and to be awarded the top honor on the site is a real achievement...Dennis
    April 24 at 1:21PM
    David T Francis: Congrats Sandra - I'm hoping to hear on mine some time soon, but not confident at all now seeing yours and others works!
    April 24 at 3:14PM
    Pat Christensen: Congrats what a great validation to wonderful work way to go! :)Pat
    April 24 at 3:43PM

Sandra c. valentini: those of us who are still here have survived another holiday. now after a small hiatus i can't wait to get back to my art. i wish i had a maid!!!!
December 28 at 12:03PM

Sandra c. valentini: another christmas is upon us. remember, no matter how many negitives there are in your life there are always more positive things. i'm so excited to spend christmas with my adorable grankids, matt and tori. merrry christmas everyone, be thankful for the good things in your life.!
December 19 at 11:15AM

Sandra c. valentini: i just finisished an oil painting. the second one is almost done. I like to work on two at a time. i am very impatient waiting for one to dry.
December 7 at 9:37AM

Sandra c. valentini: i feel free ! no more reviewing for dollars. i review what i like and ignore what doesn't appeal to me. no more looking at dollar amounts. i've been painting all day. not pounding the keys! i am an artist first!.
December 3 at 6:39PM
    DeeZ: Welcome to my world :) I only review what I like and if I can't give a piece a 4 or higher, I skip it :) As I was raised by this rule: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." :)
    December 7 at 12:52PM
    hekartstudio: Agree with you whole-heartily. I just joined in October, 2010. A friend mentioned this site. Best thing about the site are the contructive reviews. Don't get this input from art leagues or camera clubs. I will stick to your rule. Sounds very sensible. Merry Christmas and always look foreward to a New year and all possibilities-HEK
    December 20 at 1:20AM

Sandra c. valentini: there has been so many works of art posted this week! i found this site two months ago. at first it was fun and exciting to see all the great reviews, and watch my ranking go up. now i have decided it takes to much time to promote your work. i don't care for reviewing for dollars. i will still post and review some but not hours as thats what it takes. i am an artist first. i'd rather spend my time painting. thanks everyone. love my work!
December 3 at 10:27AM
    hekartstudio: I hear you and understand what you are saying. FAR is just another avenue to "Express Yourself". I'm retired and after all the household chores, I just want to sit down and create my ideas, be it with phots, WC, pastels or pen and ink. The key is to relax and enjoy-HEK
    December 20 at 1:32AM

Sandra c. valentini: let mr remind you my friends. quantity does not always represent quality!
December 1 at 9:02AM

Sandra c. valentini: thanksgiving was perfect, almost. after sll the guests left i decided to relax a little. i went to get my pj" and robe. i had some christmas decorations out . when i leaned forward i got poked in the eye with the metal end of a artifiscial tree branch. i thank god it was my bad eye. another corneal abrasion. this is what caused the blindness in my right eye. i couldn't believ this happened again. wwell i'm seeing the eye doctor every day and putting drops in every three hours.even with all this i'm working on a new painting.
November 29 at 11:16PM

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