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Location: Little Rock Ark.
Gender: Male
Born: 09-05-1955
Interests: drawing ,watercolors, mirror art,anything i do with my hands
Member: Standard
Joined: November 2009
"MIRRORMAN" is his screen name.Some of his art work is within the mirror, He create images in a mirror which is a long and difficult process..other work is watercolors,pen & pencil on paper. Art has been in him all his life. He is self taught, so he would like the help of the pro's. He is a Bricklayer by trade, and he loves working with his hands. He LOVE THE OUTSIDE; MOTORCYCLES, BEING ON, or Near WATER, THE RAIN, and OH!. SY-FY. He really loves the rain and staring into a fire, and seeing all the fast moving patterns a fire can produce. NO, he is not a pyromaniac, and he would love to be high in the mountians,In a log cabin, in the middle of a beautiful blanket of snow, and the only foot prints he would like to see are small small foot prints of wild life.
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mirrorman: I first want to thank everyone for there support! Like some others here. I didn't know much about computers and I use to peck my keys with the two index fingers, Now I can use most of my fingers. I wish I could meet some of you...I would love that.
People like me...strange but wonder!!
Being apart of fan is rewarding!
I recieve good advice mostly. It's so exciting to converes with people all over the world. I tell some of my friends that i just finished talking to someone in England or anywhere abroad and they are amazed. They just don't know what They are missing!!! THANKS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!
February 13 at 11:53PM

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