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Location: Thibodaux, Louisiana
Gender: Female
Interests: Photography and Digital Art
Member: Premier Artist
Joined: November 2009
Mary is a mother of 3 children, married for 26 years and has been a Registered Nurse since 1997, specialty Surgery, Pediatrics and currently Intensive Care. She is from Bayou Lafourche in Thibodaux, Louisiana. She shares her passion for photography and digital art. Her heart belongs to the historical and ghostly New Orleans which you will probably see sometimes in her work. "That's the Spirit of N'Awlins Sugar".... She currently occupies a private home studio of Photography and Digital Art. She hopes to share her work learn from others, and continue to grow as an artist. But until then, she remains,.... "Your nurse till Sunrise".
You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
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corrinas creations
AmbienceStudio: Looking forward to a fresh New Year. Hope it brings new friends, experiences and lessons learned. To everyone out there...Happy New Year!!
December 30 at 11:38AM

AmbienceStudio: I seem to have this on again, off again relationship with FAN review. Time doesn't permit me to be consistent. But I must say...It is such a pleasure coming back and seeing that everyone is still here and creating beautiful work. I am so inspired by you all. Glad to be back and hope I can stay a little while longer!!
November 18 at 9:17AM

AmbienceStudio: Boy Nursing sure takes everything out of you.
January 7 at 9:46AM
    amfunny: I can imagine. I applaud you for your work. I could never be a nurse. I would either be crying all the time or passed out.
    January 16 at 4:06PM
    Jorge Gaete: I am sure it does, I saw it first hans after my accident. What would we do without you. Thanks!
    January 16 at 7:49PM
    AmbienceStudio: Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Mix Media contest. And thanks to Personify for creating it. I am learning so much from everyone and I'm deeply appreciative of all who view and review.
    February 9 at 4:43AM
    donkeyoatey: congratulations on the well deserved win! Donkeyoatey
    February 9 at 9:25AM
    joli: congratulations on your St. Pat's Day win.
    March 25 at 1:48PM

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