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Location: Midway, Swadlincote
Gender: Female
Born: 18 September 1975
Interests: photography, reading, films and much more
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2011
if you've got it, use it to your best advantage
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Pat Christensen
bd shutterspeed
Chill Mimi
wendy18: wwow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ive come 3rd in a contest! it was for the naturally cute contest- and for the pic of my pet hamster Millie

April 23 at 3:38AM
    Pat Christensen: Congrats how exciting the best is yet to come:)Pat
    April 23 at 12:46PM
    wendy18: thanks pat
    its really made my day
    April 23 at 4:50PM

wendy18: i dont know if im any good at taking pics- i hope i am, but can anyone give me any advice?
April 22 at 7:10AM
    wendy18: thank u
    April 22 at 5:08PM
    wendy18: i can be my own worst enemy sometimes. i came 3rd on a contest, so i cant be doing too bad :)
    April 24 at 1:40PM

wendy18: any advice and help would be gratefully accepted
April 19 at 4:44AM

wendy18: Anyone have any ideas or suggestions, to taking better pictures? I've not been on here that long. Any input is gratefully accepted. thank you
April 14 at 3:43AM
    bd shutterspeed: Well that is a loaded question!!! :)
    Everyone seems to find thier way in here, honest, and not only that what we are good at, and lots and just some better then others, but please feel free to ask any silly question here ( I Have!!) and there will be people that will help and then you can find your way to the best you have ever done. Just love the feed back, you'll get into it!! Hope to talk at you later Bev
    April 14 at 10:37AM
    A.J. KING: hi wendy, and welcome. if i may, i'll stick my nose into your question. making/taking pictures/images is easy. finding an image that you like, or others like, can be harder. my advice then is to take several angles or positions of the same/similar image.
    for me, images are about LIGHT and TEXTURES. if you go to other sites and view some of the 'better' photographers, you'll see what i mean. if you work on SEEING those 2 things before your push the shutter, i think you will be instantly better. imagine what the finished picture/image will look like when you view it thru the camera.
    good luck, and keep pushing the shutter. tony.
    April 14 at 1:55PM
    Pat Christensen: Hi and welcome great advise from both there, I'll add my 2 cents worth. Practice practice, the more images you take the more experience then post them get some good advise and take what you can try the ideas given and keep on practicing! Another good piece of advise that I was first told when I started here was, before you click the camera think "What is it you want to convey to the viewer?" Think about your subject, think about where the light is, then shoot. Hope this helps and most of all have fun! :)Pat
    April 14 at 2:46PM
    faver: gorgeous comment
    April 22 at 9:20AM

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