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Sam S
Location: Columbia Valley
Gender: Male
Born: 1943
Interests: Outdoors, fishing, Canoeing, Photography
Member: Premier Artist
Joined: April 2011
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Studio Malefey
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Mark Worden
Sam S: It's been almost 2 months since I posted. Between a move and a crashed computer. Things are coming together. Looking forward to posting and having my images revived. Also looking forward to reviewing others.
August 22 at 12:34AM
    cynnocence: I'm glad my friend, I was wondering where you went.
    August 22 at 1:28AM
    Stacey Nagy: We've all missed you Sam!
    August 22 at 9:34AM
    photobeat: welcome back my friend...beny ")
    August 24 at 4:27AM
    happy-traveller: Indeed, had missed your work!Looking forward to some more stunning shots!
    September 1 at 9:44AM

Sam S: I don't know about the rest of you but I am having a problem. When you look at reviewing a posting, it says it pays 12 points and ?? cents. Occasionally after reviewing you find you get only 8 points. I have complained about this for the past 6 months, at least. I feel like I am ripped off each time it happens.. Tom is tired of hearing from me. My feeling is, if they offer you 12 points for s review, you should get 12 points and not 8. Today I feel I got ripped 3 times. Does that happen to anybody else or just me?
March 12 at 11:11PM
    Keri Harrish: I've honestly never paid attention before. Maybe I should start.
    March 12 at 11:53PM
    yukongold: I've never really checked either Sam; but I was wondering how do they get to offer 12 points? what I see only suggests a max of 8 points....?
    March 13 at 1:18AM
    avmurray: It happens to me all the time, and it is very irritating. I have never said anything to Tom about it, but perhaps I should.
    March 13 at 4:57AM
    ljaksha: I have never checked before, but if I paid for 12 points to go to the reviewer and they didn't get them, I would not be happy.
    March 13 at 8:41AM
    bpzzr: I have been stuck at almost 450 points required for next level for about 6 months now, seems that sometimes I get points then the next day they are gone. Hohum
    March 13 at 8:52AM
    Flight_of_Raven: When you first post a shot FAR automatically applied 4 free points on it for you.. If the photographer wants to put his own certificate on top of the free one (a treasure chest, in this case), it adds 7 points. 7 + 4 + 1 = 12. So for a short time, a work with both those certs will award 12 points, but the free one expires after only 2 reviews, so someone else probably beat you out to the bonus 4. I mean, it's not really a big deal and I don't see why you would trouble yourself with reviewer points... it's simply a measure of how active you are here.
    March 13 at 9:57PM
    Sam S: To my way of thinking, if they say you get 12 points you should get 12 points.
    March 14 at 4:57AM
    khristysdesigns: oh, I read now the posting from flight of raven and they are right. but I do understand why they give what they give. Just really didn't see the problem before
    July 15 at 12:03AM
    Wrights Wow Pictures: It has happened to me at least twice. No satisfaction. They also say that when doing reviews and bonuses are on that you should receive 25% chance to get a cent pump. The truth that they probably do when you join. But after you have been on for a long long time they reduce it to probably less than 6%. I have complained about this as well
    August 9 at 8:37PM

Sam S: I am a very lucky fella. My mate bought me a Canon EOS Rebel T1i body and a EFS 18-55mm lens with a stabilizer. The beauty of all this is that I can use the lenses from my old Canon 35mm SLR camera.
July 15 at 11:21PM
    icnpictures: Cool, I need to do the same- I have the old canon lenses- both the regular and 300mm, but have not yet been able to get a new digital, when I do get it, I will be set! :)
    February 24 at 12:35PM
    Sam S: It saves you the money to not having to aquire extra lenses. Nice to see you back.
    February 26 at 4:42PM

Sam S: He is new to this site. He worked as a risk manager for the insurance industry which had him travelling Western Canada and the Northwest Territories. So, in 1962 he bought his first camera to capture some of the incredible sites his work took him to. That was the start of his love for photography. He showed his photos to friends who always oh and ah over his pictures but he never got an honest critique. So he challenged himself to put his images out for some honest scrutiny which is is the reason he joined Fan Art Review. When he retired in 2009 he moved from Surrey, BC to the beautiful Columbia Valley where the air is fresh and the scenery is incredible. He loves the mountains, lakes and exploring the back roads and declared it a photographers heaven. He has stopped giving people his ETA because he just never knows when he will get to where he was going. He never leaves home without one of his cameras.
April 2 at 5:09AM
    icnpictures: Welcome to FAR, you are off to a great start, you have some wonderful photos!
    April 14 at 11:55PM
    Sam S: Thank you for your encouragement. I am still learning my way around the site. I am amazed at all I've learnt in the short time I have been on the site.
    April 22 at 1:32AM
    icnpictures: I know what you mean- I really like it here, I am learning a lot and meeting lots of nice people. Ive been here since Feb. You are doing great on your rankings for such a short time. You must spend a lot of time on the site- I do too, but I am wanting to get out some with the nice weather here, so I may have to break away a little. Enjoy and keep doing what you are doing- it is working! Cindy Booth
    April 29 at 2:13PM
    Sam S: I have joined the site is April, this year. In that period of time I have been following you and have noticed you are showing incredible work and doing well in the ratings. Congratulations. You deserve them. You are a great booster, Cindy and I for one really appreciate it. To me you are like a leader, encouraging your members along to better and greater achievements. I have been spending too much time on the site trying to find my way anound. You are right, the cold winter is over and it is time to be out exploring. I have a few local Mountain lakes that should now be ice free. Time to be checking the area out. Looking forward to seeing your images from your walk a bouts.
    May 2 at 1:57AM
    icnpictures: Thanks Sam, I just saw this, sorry- I have not been on as much as I was before, Summer is here and my (six) kids are out of school so I dont have as much time here, but I truely appreciate your kind words- you seem like a great person as well as photographer!
    June 8 at 10:22AM
    Sam S: Hi Cindy. Wow, this site can really keep you going if you want to improve. I have been on this site for about 2 & 1/2 months. In that period I have learned so very much and I now realize that there is still so much more to learn. Members have been very helpful. There are times when I think I have a great image to share and it gets shot down. That is how you improve, isn't it? Reviewing has been a learning process as well. I have a friend of mine coming down next week to fish my favorite mountain lake (White Tail) with me. It will be a nice break away from this site. Although I will miss it.
    June 16 at 5:16AM
    Jayalakshmi: you had asked for the name of the pink flower that you took a year back. I searched for the name. if i am not wrong its name is RHODODENDRON.
    December 18 at 4:43AM
    Sam S: I am so sorry to be soo late in responding. I just noticed your note. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my query. . Sam
    May 1 at 3:33AM

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