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Location: Texas
Gender: Female
Born: in Denver, Colorado in the 50's
Interests: Photography & Animals
Member: Standard
Joined: June 2011
Rebecca was born with a love for animals, and nature as a whole. Throughout her life, she has always had a very close relationship with nature, seeing animals as individuals who share the planet with her. When she decided to take up photography as a hobby, it just came natural to photograph the things she loves.

Her expertise is taking photographs 'up close and personal' so she can show the individual animal's personality. This has resulted in many exquisite photographs that touch the heart and has won her many awards and much praise.

Just recently, she made the decision to share some of her beautiful photographs with the world.

Her work can be purchased at:
Life is not a Spectator Sport. ..........&.......... We did not inherit the earth from our parents - We are only borrowing it from our children.
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cen12964: Thanks to all those who voted for my photo "Gentle Giants". Rebecca
November 28 at 10:17AM
    blairwacha: That was a cool photo, Rebecca!
    November 28 at 11:16AM
    Life is but a dream.: Rebecca, I liked that shot as well. It had a great personality.
    December 1 at 11:01PM
    MishaMoss: i have just changed the review for you picture the picture defo deserves 6 stars great work you have!
    December 7 at 3:12PM

cen12964: Thanks to all who voted for my photo "Busy Bees" Rebecca
October 11 at 9:57AM

cen12964: Thanks to all who voted for my photo "By The Light of A Super Moon". I also want to congratulate Yukon Gold for sharing the win with me with his exceptional photo "Streaking Sky". Rebecca
May 30 at 9:40AM

cen12964: Thanks to all who voted for my photo "Victoria" I really appreciate it. It was so nice to wake up on my birthday to a win.
October 15 at 9:56AM
    icnpictures: You have some excellent work!
    April 12 at 2:18PM
    cen12964: Thanks so much.
    May 30 at 9:40AM

cen12964: Hi, my name is Rebecca and I live in Texas.

I am new to posting my photos. I have always loved taking pictures but have shared them with only a few very close friends. Recently, I made the decision that others might just like to see some of my work too. And, that I would improve with reviews from people that did not know me personally.

I retired after working 30 years for the City of Dallas, but am busier now than when I had an actual job. I spend most of my time with my family. My Husband, 1 Dog, 2 Alpacas, and about 60 Chickens.
June 23 at 6:04PM
    Pat Christensen: Welcome to the site! Lots of gr8t people here if you have any questions just ask and have fun! :)Pat
    June 24 at 7:50PM
    trekbabe: Welcome to FAR. I've learned loads already so I'm sure you will find this site very educational as well as fun :)
    June 27 at 7:28PM
    PoohBear: Checked out your photos and, you do rather nice work. This is a great site, if I can help you in any way - Holler!
    August 31 at 12:14PM
    cen12964: Thanks Pooh Bear, I will keep that in mind. I have been to your site also and like a lot of the photos you have done.
    September 2 at 2:12PM

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