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Location: Carleton Place, Ontario
Gender: Female
Born: June 28
Member: Premier Artist
Joined: March 2012
Always had the art bug. I love all forms of art and the creativity it gives me, it's who I am and it makes me feel free and happy. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
If you are a creative person, you must create. by Ayn Rand from her book The Fountainhead
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Lucien van Oosten
FanArtReview wrote to suenethery: Congratulations! Elphaba won the contest "Seeing Green Photo Contest"
December 18 at 12:10AM
    Skyangel02: Congratulations on your win. I loved this one from the first time I saw it.
    December 18 at 2:03AM
    suenethery: Thanks so much, its a great Christmas present. :)
    December 18 at 2:05AM
    phil1950: Congrats! well done
    December 18 at 4:43AM
    denloveschris: Beautiful skilled photo for that contest, nice job and congratulations :)
    December 18 at 8:59AM
    EvaB: Amazing shot. Congrats.
    December 18 at 9:04AM
    Jean A Cormier: Congratulations on first place! It's a great shot!
    December 18 at 9:07AM
    avmurray: Congratulations ! A great shot.
    December 18 at 10:13AM
    adr1an: congrats sue-good job!
    December 18 at 11:25AM
    Sange: Sange peeks in! 0^0.. Ha! ELPHABA RULES!! Sue.. you know I love this shot! CONGRATS!
    December 18 at 11:37AM
    ducilla: Congratulations on a fine image and a winner!!..dennis
    December 18 at 11:58AM
    suenethery: Thanks guys for all your wonderful words I am very happy that my mantis won.
    December 18 at 1:15PM
    helvi2: A Spectacular Shot for Sure!
    Congratualtions! :o)
    December 18 at 3:14PM
    eileen0204: Just a beautiful piece... congratulations!!
    December 18 at 3:47PM
    yourbren: Congratulations on your beautiful entry and 1rst place win in the contest. Well deserved.
    December 18 at 4:00PM
    suenethery: Thanks again for all the support.
    December 18 at 8:47PM
    blairwacha: What a cool shot.... the best mantis ever! Congratulations!
    December 20 at 12:14AM
    yourbren: Congratulations Sue for winning 1rst place. Your image of the Praying Mantis was truly outstanding. Creative and beautifully done.
    December 24 at 12:22AM
    ckbesq: Congratulations yourself! It's a fine photo!
    December 30 at 7:47PM
    ChuckWaxman: Congrats on winning the "Cars Art" competition
    February 13 at 6:19PM
    stik551: congratulations on your win. and thank you again for the nice review.
    February 23 at 4:39PM

suenethery: Thank you to everyone who voted for Slumdog-Millionaire.
November 16 at 12:14AM
    donkeyoatey: I simply LOVED it!
    November 16 at 10:21AM
    Sange: Fab shot Susie Q! ;)
    November 16 at 11:20AM
    Stacey Nagy: Congratulations!!
    November 16 at 11:22AM
    avmurray: It was beautiful. Congratulations !
    November 16 at 2:51PM
    suenethery: Thank guys! it's nice since my day isn't good.
    November 16 at 6:03PM
    blairwacha: I didn't vote in the contest, but wow, I see why it won!
    November 16 at 9:49PM

suenethery: I want to thank everyone who voted for Zombie Manor.
November 5 at 1:36PM
    Sange: That GIF was the flippin bomb you wickedly creative girl! Congrats!! Elphaba was impressed! Fist bump!
    November 6 at 2:58PM

October 31 at 4:14PM
    donkeyoatey: I LOVE Halloween..will dress up in my monkey suit, and treat the kiddies!
    October 31 at 5:41PM

suenethery: Thank you for everyone who voted for Gulliver.
May 5 at 3:27PM

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