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Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Gender: Female
Interests: Photography
Member: Standard
Joined: April 2012
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Old Redeye
SandyHill: Geee, I suppost I should get a photo of me for my profile.
April 22 at 9:20PM
    LEscribano: Would certainly help me to be able to recognize you when we meet :).
    April 24 at 10:11AM

SandyHill: I am so happy to have found this site. I have had a wonderful time reviewing photos and as time goes by I will get some of my work up here that I'm looking for help on for gallery contests. And I look forward to entering the contests here as well.

I have already had very helpful feedback on one of my photos and am looking forward to making it even better with your suggestions. Thank you all very much.
April 21 at 4:21PM
    LEscribano: Hello and welcome :),
    Fellow newbie here. I have only been active on this site for about a month, though I joined almost 2 years ago. I am very happy I am here. This is a great community and I have learned so much, from reviews on my work and from others work. Please read my profile information, soon I will not be to far away from you. Fredericksburg area is a wonderful place for photography. I like what you have posted so far and looking forward to seeing more.
    April 21 at 7:30PM
    SandyHill: Thank you for the welcome and not to worry, I know of some great photography groups in the are where you will be moving to. Not to mention my own photography groups.
    April 21 at 8:11PM
    charlenew: Hi there! You recently ask me what is the tool I used in Lightroom 3 for my pelican. I am not sure what it is called. It looks like a paint brush. I try to touch up the eye with this tool. You do have good photos. I do like looking at them. Charlene
    April 21 at 8:49PM

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No work posted.

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Lovin'' Life reached "All Time Best" status.
May 4 at 11:25AM
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May 2 at 10:08AM
Window Shopping reached "All Time Best" status.
April 22 at 11:25AM
Window Shopping reached "Recognized" status.
April 22 at 2:08AM

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