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Location: Colorado
Gender: Female
Born: 1957
Interests: Riding the pig and breathin' fresh air, gettin' everything done so the only honey do list hubby has is his own.
Member: Premier Artist
Joined: August 2004

LowRider is a Mom and wife whom has an incredible passion for life and all it has to offer. She is totally dedicated to her family. Her husband of 33 years is her most precious friend and 98% of her time is dedicated to him and their son. The other 2%? Well, that is filled by riding her Harley Low Rider with her Canon EOS Rebel XTi nestled in her saddle bag mostly hunting for 'old crap'.

A person is only as good as their word.
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Clyde B.
LowRider: I have learned that the most important aspect of a long marriage is to always remember to say, "Thank you"; be appreciative of each other and keep the BB pistol loaded-----
November 28 at 10:17PM
    Flight_of_Raven: "Gosh dear, how'd you know that I just LOVE BBs to the eye? Thank you!!"
    November 29 at 10:52PM
    Sinbackkk: R.I.P. my friend!
    April 4 at 8:19PM
    Echo7: A truly sad time. Thankyou for all the smiles.
    April 5 at 2:32PM
    helvi2: To LowRider's Hubby and Family,
    I never knew your wife, but I am truly sorry for your loss. AS I wrote this I saw some of her lovely pictures as they flashed by on the profile page. I think she caught some pretty special images with her camera. Wish I had, had a chance to know her.

    MY Heart is with you along with my deepest sympathies. Love, Helvi
    April 5 at 3:56PM
    goldie-lopez: A truly sad time for her family and friends, and yet also an inspiring one as well.

    The images she leaves behind will always live in for this generation and generations to come.
    An artist is always known for their passions and love for life.

    So I bid you farewell, and may you capture some breathtaking images floating beside the clouds while shining, like stars!

    For your star will always be the brightest one!!

    My sympathies... Goldie
    April 6 at 1:22AM
    benpicjoy: We will be in touch again when we catch up with ya.
    April 6 at 2:00PM
    Keri353: It'a always sad when we loose an artist such as you and even more sad for your family. Blessings and saftey in your new journey.
    April 7 at 2:03PM
    azwoman112: I miss you DEb ...Love Az
    September 22 at 1:30AM

LowRider: Asked hubby to roll over cause he snorin', he said he does not snore, I said welp quit growling---he rolled over----
November 18 at 6:29AM
    azwoman112: DEB!!! How ya been ??I been missing you Motorcycle MOMMA ..had to come back to see if we could start a new trip drinking old Thunderbird moose piss by the quart
    just for some weekend fun Maybe try Burning woman weekend LOL !!How ya be Momma ??? Miss ya AZ ::))
    December 11 at 12:27AM

LowRider: When my Great Dane 'steals' something he should not have such as a shoe/pillow I look at him and say, "Don't make me sing to you---" he drops it instantly---a sure sign I should only be singing to discipline the dog or maybe will work on the hubby----
November 13 at 7:14PM
    Sinbackkk: Disipline? Woof Woof!
    November 13 at 7:28PM
    ducilla: I bet the hubby loves to get "worked on"... As far as everyone else I am thinking you have a future in bank security!! All you have to do is "sing" and the money drops to the floor....Of course if larceny is more in vogue then you could become a armored car bandit!...same result except you get the cash..(until "LeRoy Van Duke" sings!!! )
    November 13 at 7:59PM
    Sinbackkk: And speaking of discipline, Tom will now give the spanking of a lifetime- GO PATRIOTS!
    November 13 at 8:30PM
    donkeyoatey: My kids used to ask me not to sing in the car..gave me a complex!
    November 13 at 8:30PM
    LowRider: Hundred bottles of beer on tha wall---99 bottles of beer on tha wall--
    November 13 at 9:19PM
    LowRider: LeRoy Van Duke does not sing--he cusses---
    November 13 at 9:25PM

LowRider: Who scraped the middle out of my Oreos---??
November 12 at 2:17PM
    Echo7: I'm a ninja
    November 12 at 2:50PM
    LowRider: Dam Badger, do I have to teach you everything---It is milk's favorite cookie---a chocolate sandwich cookie with originally a white cream center---
    November 12 at 2:51PM
    LowRider: 'scuse me Badger I have a ninja butt to kick---
    November 12 at 2:52PM
    Sinbackkk: "I'm Batman"
    November 12 at 3:18PM
    Echo7: Ever danced with the devil on a pale moonlit night?
    November 12 at 3:32PM
    LowRider: Holy crap Batman!! What we gonna do about Badger eatin' Hobnobs and Echo dancin' with tha devil---I think bring out tha paint balls---
    November 12 at 3:49PM
    Sinbackkk: I'll be dancing alone. If there's no god, there's no devil.
    November 12 at 5:17PM
    Sinbackkk: Low- who gives a shit? They're both from the UK.
    November 12 at 5:18PM
    donkeyoatey: God and the Devil are from the UK.? First I heard of it.
    November 12 at 5:59PM

LowRider: Neighbor next door called and asked if I was the ole lady of the tha 'road'----told him "No I be the bitch of tha hood." He said he would stop his mail-----cause he will be missin' for a few weeks-----and he really wants to avoid MIA---it all cool---
November 10 at 7:31PM
    ducilla: MIA ...Not good!... Better to sit in a tree!....
    November 10 at 10:36PM
    LowRider: Yep and hug a monkey----
    November 10 at 11:01PM

LowRider: My doc said I have to reduce my stress---told him not possible cause I gotta go shoot a turkey and Santa Clause is commin' ta town----
November 3 at 7:48PM
    Sinbackkk: I do not find the death of Santa funny what so ever. u slay m!!!!
    November 3 at 8:21PM
    donkeyoatey: Take Santa hunting..give everyone turkey for Christmas!
    November 3 at 9:00PM
    LowRider: CRAP---Sinbackkk---I simply said Santa is coming to town-----
    November 3 at 9:20PM
    LowRider: Read and pay attention Sinbackkk!!!!!
    November 3 at 9:23PM
    Sinbackkk: First of all, I never pay for anything- certainly not attention! Secondly, that fat man never gave me my B B gun when I was 8 years old. Exactly where and when is he coming to your town? I'd like to get a jump on him. Ho Ho Ho
    November 3 at 10:03PM
    Keri Harrish: Who wouldn't want to jump on a jolly fat guy wearing a red suit?
    November 3 at 10:11PM
    LowRider: Welp, shoot darn Badger---I need to send you a Fruit Cake-----
    November 4 at 8:23AM
    LowRider: I do my best work at 4AM mountain time----What is an Alfred? Is that like using chili instead of cinnamon?
    November 4 at 9:26AM
    donkeyoatey: Badger obviously hasn't HAD a lot of fruitcake...LOL
    November 4 at 10:16AM
    ducilla: 4AM fruitcake is a delicacy that is revered ! very close to a religion for the few fortunate ones to have ever had the pleasure of a 4AM fruitcake..I have had a few 5 AM fruitcakes in past years but the elusive 4AM cake has eluded my senses. I keep my hopes high and there is always dreaming...............
    November 4 at 10:31AM
    LowRider: Badger is the original fruitcake---
    November 4 at 12:57PM
    LowRider: Look out Badger here comes Condition--
    November 4 at 3:48PM
    LowRider: Excellent observation---the cake is in the mail----
    November 4 at 6:49PM

LowRider: Just a little advise from me, winning musical chairs many times, never cross a seasoned bitch-------
October 14 at 2:58PM
    LowRider: Jist teasin---never won musical chairs and I am not a bitch, however am well seasoned------
    October 14 at 3:12PM
    LowRider: Ya gitten warmer----!!
    October 14 at 3:55PM
    donkeyoatey: I am SO not lucky..I did win a drawing years ago at a supermarket..the prize?..a ring sausage!
    October 14 at 10:38PM
    LowRider: Badger---there ya go being a bitch again---most peeps have a blackberry, I suspect you have a dinglebury---
    October 15 at 2:38PM
    LowRider: That's what I'm talkin' about----
    October 15 at 6:49PM
    donkeyoatey: Hey, I resent my private..things being open for discussion..
    October 15 at 11:31PM

LowRider: Growing up in the south I was told if you love someone/something let it go---if they/it do not come back hunt them down and shoot them in the axx--
October 13 at 3:31PM
    donkeyoatey: Or make sure they CAN'T come back!
    October 13 at 5:38PM
    LowRider: I am picking up what ya puttin' down!!
    October 13 at 6:13PM
    Flight_of_Raven: You smellin' what he's steppin' in?
    October 14 at 11:12AM
    LowRider: Oh!!! I could got so many directions with that--behave yo sef KidFight---don't you come back home to mess with me!!!

    Are you home?
    October 14 at 2:16PM
    LowRider: go not got

    October 14 at 2:19PM

LowRider: Hubby said some of my health issues are certain to do with menopause---I told him my problems are certain to do with my men ain't paused---
October 12 at 7:44PM
    donkeyoatey: Hmm..this guy ain't smart..might be nice..but NOT smart! LOL
    October 12 at 9:23PM
    donkeyoatey: Ok..I mean about dealing with ladies! He needs to learn a wise and compasionate great!
    October 12 at 9:26PM
    LowRider: LOL donkey,---I think we have been married 'forever' because he gives me crap and I give him a bigger pile back---
    October 12 at 10:07PM
    LowRider: Badger, I am thinkin' about puttin' a paint ball hit on you so duck again and again!!
    October 13 at 6:43AM

LowRider: The 'Lung Association' called as I was cooking dinner last night---I told them I was not ready to donate my lungs jist yet---they hung up as if I have no sense---
October 12 at 10:06AM
    ducilla: lol.. dont celebrate with a cig...
    October 12 at 11:10AM
    LowRider: Still smoke free---!!!
    October 12 at 1:48PM

LowRider: Sometimes I am unpleasantly pleasant---
October 11 at 3:24PM
    donkeyoatey: When? we need an example!!
    October 11 at 4:52PM
    LowRider: I can't believe I have a donkey and badger on my hands---DUCK!!
    October 11 at 7:33PM
    ducilla: Maybe a little pleasantly un-pleasant is called for??? If not there is always huntin'season..OMG,its DucK season! pas the TBC and DT....
    October 12 at 12:17AM

LowRider: Phone went out---was the surge protector---I am on my way to buy another piece of crap to break------------
October 5 at 5:16PM
    ducilla: spend money!!! Spend Money !! SPEND MONEY!!!!!!(it is for the economy and jobs!..)
    October 5 at 7:30PM
    LowRider: Yep, and to donate to the landfill---!! I will go buy crap that breaks, that creates jobs for peeps to make more crap to break, then jobs will be created for peeps to dispose of the broke crap---I am workin' wonders all by my broke down self---
    October 5 at 7:42PM
    donkeyoatey: Well..for extreme can throw it out the door, that's what my wife does..she says it satisfies like nothing else! Donkeyoatey
    October 5 at 10:02PM
    LowRider: Holy crap---oatey mind your p's and q's---I can't have you bein' thrown out the door---
    October 5 at 10:33PM

LowRider: For dinner---fried fish, shrimp, okra, fries, hushpuppies--cholesterol's best buddies----------hey it be Sunday---I am a 'part-time' preacher's daughter and is a must to be bad on a Sunday!!!!!!!
October 2 at 12:03PM
    ducilla: Why is it that "bad for you" always tastes better than "good for you"... being bad is enjoyable but being good is always so dull????
    October 2 at 12:29PM
    LowRider: That's why I consider bad is good---I'll work it out with my higher power and my Pa when I git my invite---
    October 2 at 12:36PM
    PurpleShedGirl: In england, Hushpuppies are a type of shoe that old people wear... are you really eating old peoples shoes?
    October 2 at 4:40PM
    PurpleShedGirl: so, LowRider is eating Badger shoes with puppies...
    October 2 at 4:53PM
    ducilla: At least she is filling the boots with Okra!..A bit of a saving grace and that Okra really softens the soul1...
    October 2 at 5:09PM
    LowRider: LOL--you peeps are really full of something, not sure what---Purple, hushpuppies in the South of US of A are a fried cornbread---the settlers within the 13 colonies of the US of A would throw the fried bits of cornbread to 'hush the puppies'---hell--that what I heard and they said- that their story and they got stuck to it I think---CRAP---
    October 2 at 7:58PM
    ducilla: I know you are eatin' hush puppies and drinkin' some swill of some sore! Say hi to your sweet self and to your dad... This entire post is the earth-bound essence of a true "LOWRIDER"..
    April 5 at 1:50PM

LowRider: Guess the news is my only entertainment as of late---saw a cat with two faces and they were discussing the life span of this cat figuring the life span would be normal---I thought, 'Welp, I have known lots of people in my days with two faces and they lived a totally normal life.'-----
September 30 at 9:43AM
    donkeyoatey: Yes, but usually they "hide" one of them!
    September 30 at 12:10PM
    donkeyoatey: I often mistype as I southern boy too..west Tenn. originally! I am afraid I am unable to do poignant..darky moody, crabby with attitude, but poignant is just out of my reach!!
    September 30 at 12:59PM
    donkeyoatey: So, I guess you win the alphabet contest..Too far out of my reach..moved this up here..getting too long!
    September 30 at 1:03PM
    LowRider: You jist need some sweet milk sausage gravy with some big ole biscuits!!!
    September 30 at 2:11PM
    donkeyoatey: I am a red eye gravy guy..but the biscuits sound really GOOD..biscuits up north here are mostly..wrong..LOL
    September 30 at 6:37PM
    LowRider: Now I jist ain't havin' no northern biscuits---when shot with a sling shot they might kill ya---
    September 30 at 7:49PM

LowRider: Heard on the news this AM---a car ran through the post office and it was the 4th incident this year----it is evident to me the post office needs to be moved as obviously it is in the way-----------
September 28 at 9:36AM
    donkeyoatey: maybe it is a reaction to bills..or "snail mail"!
    September 28 at 10:53AM
    LowRider: Well CRAP she ran 'rat' by me----she be wearin' my darn ducK tape---I will skit my cat on 'er---
    September 29 at 4:09PM

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