Life is but a dream. replied

this is so kind of you to give me a lovely review like this and by the are NOT toofat! :-)

For the review on Seventy-five by Life is but a dream.
Page 2 of the book Women of Nepal

This photo reeks life. You can see the years of experiences in the wrinkles of her face. It did not surprise me to read she wanted you to stay. I would be interested to see it in color but, the story of life is well told in the back and white. Some would say a little closer crop might be better and it would be fun to see the face a little closer but for this pic your crop and composition are perfect.
- 18-Apr-2017

michiganmike replied

thank you I will be out chasing the warblers in a couple weeks.

For the review on Black throated green by michiganmike

I absolutely love this photo. The color is outstanding, all important details clear and competition perfect for hosting my favorite Bible verse or saying. Nice
sellable work.
- 18-Apr-2017

MKFlood replied

thanks toofat for the great review.

For the review on St Louis Cardinals by MKFlood

Now you're talkin'. lol As usual, very well done You are quite the talented individual. Colors nice and bright. Details wonderful.
- 02-Oct-2012

Mr.C replied

you are welcome

For the review on The beauty of black and white by toofat

This is a nice shot of the iris and in black and white it is stunning. The petals show the accents of the color which were purple and yellow.
- 21-Sep-2012

ducilla replied

Thanks for your thoughts Toofat.. There are always things people will find to make a image better in their eyes. I try to present a image as I think it works best. The shadows and no face are definitely on purpose to make this a "generic" type image. One that is more universal than individual..Thanks for your thoughts again,dennis

For the review on Daydream Believer... by ducilla

I love it. Some will say shadows-bad. No face to the child-bad. Good composition. I like the warm coloring. The subject is great as well as the fitting background. I can see clearly what I need to.
- 11-Sep-2012

suenethery replied

I would hit edit. Then "upload modified photo". Then upload a new photo that is upright. Then scrool down and hit save. Hope this helps.

For the review on colors on a pole by toofat

Nice shot. Fantastic choice for the contest. Good luck. Its very eye catching.
Thanks for the description and for sharing.
- 11-Sep-2012

Brian B replied

Thanks so much for the review and feedback. You are correct in your comments, I kept taking my hand and getting him to move, I got as close as I could and then moved away lol

For the review on Pretty Darn Scary by Brian B

A giant spider would be scary to most anyone. Nice capture. Background blurred good enough to see spider details. Some of the bright spots are a bit much. I am trusting that this is a close up close up.. Pretty good composition for a moving thing and a scared person. lol
- 10-Sep-2012

Linda replied

Thank you so much for your wonderful review and rating. I sincerely appreciate it!

For the review on Birds Eye View by Linda

Delightful.. Very nice coloring. Adequate detail throughout. Nice composition and balance. Good perspective. Very enjoyable.
- 08-Sep-2012

donkeyoatey replied

Thank you for your review. DonkeyOatey

For the review on St. Croix Morning by donkeyoatey
Page 123 of the book odds and ends

I would have liked a bit more focus. I like the same things about it as you. Very good composition. I also wish the clouds stood out just a bit more to give it s slightly different color to break up the sky and water blue.
- 06-Sep-2012

timeshots replied

You should drive in Scotland then... and I'm saying from experience :)
Thanks for your review. Cheers :)

For the review on Scotland Trees by timeshots

I really like the bright greens. It looks as though the trees may have been planted in a row. Anyway, the colors are pretty cool. I just love to drive around in the middle of nowhere looking for neat photo taking opportunities. Nice find.
- 05-Sep-2012

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