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Photos:  None
Mixed:  None
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Reviewer:  None Art Site, is a community of artists and photographers founded in 2004. On this art and photography site, all posted work is rated. The site uses a six star ratings scale with "1" being the worst and "6" being the best.

Members have the option to sell their work. Work is sold commission free (all major credit cards accepted). Our unique content sharing feature greatly expands the visibility of work for sale through Google, Digg and other partner sites.

Posted work is recognized work with "Recognized", "All Time Best" and "Diamond" levels. Each level is more difficult to receive with the final level determined by the Diamond Committee.

The site features free art and photography contests with cash prizes. Site members also have the ability to create their own contests to challenge other members to create art about a specific topic.

Members are ranked based on the feedback they receive. Separate rankings are available for Traditional Photographers, Mixed Media Photographers, Traditional Artists and Digital Artists. Trophies are rewarded to the top five members in each of the individual rankings at the end of the year.

The welcome page includes featured artwork and photography. It also includes work that has been well received in the past 24 hours.

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