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Rons Pen Art
Location: Canada
Gender: Male
Member: Standard
Joined: January 2005
Rons Pen Art is a collection of design drawings. These drawings are meant to express the wonderful world of color! Color knows no boundaries! Rons Pen Art is artwork drawn with pens! Most drawings take about 60 hours, and as much as 90 hours on others. It all depends on detailing. The artwork is for fun and the pure pleasure of viewing geometric shapes put into a salad bowl of color! Rons designs are also on his website at:
Have a look, there are many new drawings not yet put on the site and some of those have been uploaded on this site for viewing! Have a nice day, be happy, and thanks for looking!

I love to draw with pens. I started drawing small designs well over thirty years ago. My drawings are meant for the simple enjoyment of viewing colors, and for the fun of it! I like to show what can be done by combining colors and shapes into a design pattern. The expression in these drawings are what you feel as a viewer while you are looking at them! I draw design patterns on 22" x 28" poster board paper. Over the years I have found a technique and I use it on all my designs. There are no computers used on my work other than to list here on the site. Each drawing takes a minimum of 60 hours and some drawings take in access of 90 hours or more. How long each drawing takes, depends on how much detailing is involved. I try to make all my designs different from the one before. The computer screen greatly reduces the detail work that is done in these drawings. The drawings (which are 22" by 28" and sometimes 24" by 36") are usually 346,000 KB's and as much as 1MB. They must be loaded at below 85,000 Kb's for this site! My New York Memorials are over 34MB's each. This is because they are digitally copied for Printing purposes, but the quality and color texture is Perfect! You can tell how much downsizing needs to be done. When you see a drawing up close, you see some of the extra details and this is where most of the time is spent. There is also a color texture that the computer doesn't pick up on. Some say it is like a 3d effect or even 2 dimensional. The drawings have a velvety texture from the ink absorbing into the thick poster board paper. I am happy that people enjoy this completely new art form. If you wish to see a close-up of one of my drawings, please email me on this site and I will be glad to send you an untouched close-up view of whichever artwork you want to see! Please email if you have any questions. Thankyou kindly for looking!

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