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Posted: March 22, 2012

My thoughts of Nefertiti


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Nefertiti, famous for more than 3000 years now, she triggers the imagination of writers and artists, fashion designers and ordinary people as well as the interest of scientists and historians. Vicky Leon calls her the Jackie Kennedy of old of old Egypt and the Queen of an ancient Camelot [Uppity Woman of Ancient Times]. Her dates of her birth as her death got lost in the fog of history as her personal life is in the haze of gossip and speculation. Nefertiti and her Pharaoh husband are known for their religious revolution in which they worshiped only one god Aten [Amun] or the Sun Disc. Nefertiti has the meaning of The Beautiful one has come, or in a different translation The Beauty of Aten. The name speaks the truth; her portrait head from the Egyptian Museum in Berlin shows a timeless beauty. She was apparently as smart as she was beautiful. Some historians say she was the gray eminence behind her pharaoh husband Akhenaten. She seems to have been co-regent since the twelfth year of Akhenatonâ??s regency. While Nefertiti disappeared two years later from historical reports, many scientists today believe that she did not suffer sudden death by natural cause but may emerged as the ruler known as Neferneferuaten and lived, still holding strong political influence, until the third year of Tutankhamenâ??s regency when the official worship of Aten [Amun] ended. The mixed media collage is merged from three of my photos; a landscape, an ancient site and a portrait of a friend. A stylized scratch of the Sphinx was integrated. Filters, too many to count here, were applied to the singular layers and/or the complete picture. Cloning and transparency tools were used as well as some paintbrushes. The collage was crafted in Photo explosion, Digital Image Suite and ArtRage switching for and back between the programs.
Post Type: Mixed Media Photography
Mixed Media: Maximum | Collage from three photos and a scratch on paper, merged in Photo Explosion, Digital Image Suite and ArtRage, layers, filters, cloning, transparency, paint brushes

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Nefertiti by cleo85
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