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In her eyes, I saw my Avalon and my Pompeii

A Rare and Radiant Maiden

by Raoul D'Harmental

MAY 2017 Open Challenge-All Medians Contest Entry 
Completed on the 18th of May 2017.

This is an illustration for a poem I've almost finished composing about a vision of a rare and radiant maiden with a promise of bliss in one eye (her right) and doom in the other (her left). Happy viewing on a Happy Sunday to all!

Update - here's the poem

A Rare and Radiant Maiden

My musings were glum and grim
On an evening, dull and dim,
And I sauntered as I wandered,
Restless, as I gravely pondered
On my past, late and long gone.
Then, in the gloom, I happed upon
A form forged from the dense air-
A maiden, radiant and rare.

Like a rare jewel she gleamed
In the dark as her eyes beamed
Rays of light to split the night.
And though I was fraught with fright,
And my nerves were tense and taut,
I was thrilled by a quaint thought
As I basked within the glare
Of the maid, radiant and rare.

The idea filled me with awe
For through one eye, there I saw
My empire spread on and on;
Blue and green - my Avalon.
But in the other, I saw loom
My Babel, aflame; my doom.
These, the boon of an affair
With the maid, radiant and rare.

As she offered me her hand
(By request not by command)
Babel's foul fumes, I inhaled
As Avalon's summits, I scaled.
Bedazzled, I gave assent
And in her wake, my steps were bent
Though she was nothing but mere air-
The maiden, radiant and rare.

Post Type Traditional Art Mixed Media None
Coloured and graphite pencils

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