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U-turn! U-turn!

Insanity Leading the People

by Raoul D'Harmental

Traditional Artwork of the Month Contest Entry 
This was created in the wake of the EU referendum result and the recent general election in the UK. It was inspired by Eugene Delacroix's 'Liberty Leading the People' which was in celebration of the July Revolution of 1830 in France. It certainly doesn't feel like a revolution in the UK! :) Here's a poem I composed to accompany this:

Insanity leading the people

The bugle-horn, one misty morn,
Rang out and split the air.
It glided fast, it glided past,
The fox her hounds will tear.

Her suit was trim, her face was grim,
She looked like Mrs May.
With subtle sneer and fawning leer,
She spurred them on their way.

Away they went, the innocent,
To sever limb from limb.
And all the while, their mistress vile
Carolled a christian hymn.

It was grotesque, the statuesque
Dance of her kitten heels.
With loathsome grace and snake-like pace,
Her sides heaved like a seal?s.

In stark contrast was her dance cast
When I spied through the mist,
The masquerade of a mad maid;
A mash of turn and twist.

About, about, in ghostly rout,
She whirled like windswept sand.
Around, around, she waltzed and wound
To strains from a mute band.

?Stable and strong,? was the maid?s song
Though like a twig she twirled.
And the grand dress of an empress,
Round her she fancied swirled.

Her bosom bare made me aware
She was Insanity.
Yet this maid mad thought she was clad
By her sheer vanity.

She played the prude though she was nude
Save for a skirt and flag,
Which dealt her blows aimed at shadows
Till it wore like a rag.

I watched her go, her troupe in tow
Towards a rocky cliff.
There at the edge, perched on a ledge,
She halted and froze stiff.

Upward it went, straight and unbent,
To indicate the way;
A sole finger that would linger
Till all were led astray.

The air around writhed, weaved and wound
With warnings of the snare,
Which all ears spurned, whilst the winds turned
To echoes of despair.

?U-turn! U-turn! One more U-turn!
The drop is sheer and steep!?
In wild dismay, they died away
These echoes from the deep.

Clear of a hound, a single bound
Sent the fox through the air
Beyond the rocks. The clever fox
Sought sanity elsewhere.

Post Type Traditional Art Mixed Media None
Coloured and graphite pencils

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