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Posted: December 15, 2017

Stars Brightly Shining

Glorious Morn

by bunkie

Christmas Art Contest Entry 
Glorious Morn is my painting of two interpretations of influence and Thank You for viewing.

First influence is of Christmas Carol Holy Night, composed by Adolphe Adam in 1847 to the French poem Minuit chretiens (Midnight Christians) by a wine merchant and poet, Placide Cappeau. Second is a more slight interpretation of influence by painting, Starry Night painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1889.
Christmas carol Holly Night preceded Starry Night's completion by 42 years and Starry Night has always been, from my own biased perspective; A very, Christmassy painting minus snow, painted in June. Both H.N. And S.N. are nocturnal expressions, one of conscious faith H.N. and faith expressed through the subconscious admission of faith S.N. One could very well make the assertion or give credence to the assumption that H.N. Influenced S.N. And might not did Van Gogh not hear the Christmas Carol Holy Night? I believe he did and then both are the most beloved Christmas expressions of faith throughout the western culture from this perspective.

It is interesting, Placide Cappeau in Roquemaure at the end of 1843, the church organ had recently been renovated. To celebrate the event, the parish priest asked Cappeau, a native of the town, to write a Christmas poem, even though Cappeau never showed any interest in religion, Cappeau obliged.
Collins Ace (2001), Stories behind the Best-Loved songs of Christmas, Grand Rapids, MI. Zondervan.

Comparing Cappeau disinterest in religion and with Van Gogh's disillusionment or ambivalence in religion in that he stated, "Hope is in the stars" but he was quick to point out that earth is a planet too and consequently a star, or celestial orb. He stated flatly that The Starry Night was not a return to the romantic or to religious ideas. I have to kind of, sort of scratch my head on this in that hope is a very, very religious concept; Especially when he wrote this to his brother Theo. He voiced this ambivalence in his letter confessing to a tremendous need for shall I say the word----for religion----so I go outside at night to paint the stars. Believe the word he wanted to state shall we say---- redemption. Also Thrill of hope stanza in Holy Night can be alluded to as a influence Naifeh & Smith 2011 p 651.

In summary, Adolphe Adam, who scored the music Holly Night to the poem, by Placide Cappeau. I want to believe Holy Night had a subliminal influence on Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night and yes Van Gogh read Jules Verne so why not. Oh my painting is just a painting of very small grain elevator towns that travelled through and wondered what they would look like at Christmas with elements from the above. Snow drift on bridge blocks the way in our faith in that obstacles will always be there but faith will always get us over. Merry Christmas to all of you.


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