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Part 3 of this series

Eternity's playground #3

by Trajan

Digital Artwork of the Month Contest Entry 
This is the third part of my "Eternity's Playground" Series.
This is a multi-panel dream landscape. I binge watch ancient history documentaries and have been focusing on early civilizations and origins of late. The creation myths from Ur and Uruk are like dreams fading into a distant future/alternate memory. These histories speak to me as much as certain music,writing and rhythms do.
This piece is representative of the 7 Archons of Sumeria, created in cloning tanks. This is per the current Sumerian and Akkadian cuneiform translations and lexicons. The original cuneiform tablets were found by Sir Leonard Woolley almost 100 years ago, just FYI.

These Archons serve as administrators of their slaves/workers in paradise. "Paradise" was actually mistranslated in Hellenistic Greek to "Garden". It actually means "a walled place that we keep animals." So the original "Garden" was a pen for animals (humans were considered animals by the Archons). The humans were their servants.

Apparently the demiurge is still trying to enforce its will in the material plane and force us to forget about the origin of spirit. Further, more recent iterations of the original Sumerian origin saga were mistranslated by various groups (Greeks, Romans, and Hebrews). The Egyptians translated these origin stories with a much higher degree of accuracy then the aforementioned groups.

This piece is about the often murky world of prehistory that we carry with us within our human genome. This history appears to some of us in dreams and a multitude of colors and perspectives. This is a set such memories.

Post Type Digital Art Digital Painting | Vector or Geometric
Original hand sketch to a scan and recreation in Revit and 3D Max.
Color changes (hue, saturation and LUT filters) in Photoshop.

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