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Posted: March 9, 2018

Abstract Jazz From Riverside

Dragon Snap Choo Choo

by bunkie

Art From The Imagination Contest Entry 
Sitting in a window seat, flying back home from a fishing trip, whistled softly through my finely tuned uppers the reoccurring rhythm, Big Noise from Winnetka, only instrument can play. I don?t know, maybe it was her exotic, spicy opium sitting beside me or was it her Bitzy resting on her lap. It started with that itch between the eyes, behind the tear ducts, back into the empty traces of empty places in the mind. Short Quarter notes of inhaled half breaths to the full cords of built up Gene Krupa diaphragm pressure that no ports of entry, no ports of regress could hold. Volumes of air, Co2 mixed with metamorphic stuff that blew up one way pushing methane down the other. Up through my vocal cords, releasing the vacuum of my uppers, flipping them over in a pitch high scream. They exited it?s case, banking off covered hand landing, I know not where. Through glaze in the sneeze swirled mists of her Opium. Maybe it was Bitzy with her little now growl, where they so pleasantly sat. Maybe it was the cabin pressure the turbulence that Boot Scootin Boogie me out through the window and down through the clouds, where now so desperately wanted to be. Down I flew listening, dancing to music Shut Up and Dance with Me. Danced, shouted and pointed the recurring lyric to Gloria, Gloria she took a lover in the afternoon, she did marry for the money. Can see clearly now blue skies ahead. Ascending descending through further riffs, soaring over Saxes clouds in Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White and stopped to Take Five. Sailed down through the vortex of the depression to the light that reflected better times ahead. Music of Count Basie on Piano and his Jazz swing big band arrangements; One O?clock Jump and Flip Flop and Fly. In1938 Big Noise from Winnetka that always thought was from Winnetka Illinois but rather for a big city gal who made big noise from Winnetka, 26 miles north of Chicago. Co written by composer and bass player Bob Haggart and drummer Ray Bauduc. Haggart whistles through his teeth the melody and plays the base while only Ray Bauduc accompanies him on drums. Half way through the solo Bauduc starts drumming on the strings of the double base, while Haggart continues to play with left hand. Nick Nolte and Debra Winger danced to the big band version in the 1982 film Cannery Row. Big Noise from Winnetka from Wikipedia. It?s Wee Ooo, Wee Ooo, Oupwee Ooo;...I hear music let me in. It?s January 16, 1938, I?m freezing. It?s army salvation show, got a coat some gloves, life in a northern city. Hailing a cab, ?Carnegie Hall.? A $2.50 ticket put me up front to see Benny Goodman King of Swing performing with his impeccable Jazz Swing sound. Through his wonderful melodic notes of his Clarinet and his wonderful band. Listen to music, Sing, Sing, Sing, Chattanooga Choo, Choo and the great songs and music of the period. Swept back in time to where it all begun and to the pianist, composer George Gershwin and lyricist Ira Gershwin. Time Date: 1932; Place: Alvin Theatre 52nd street; Musical; Funny Face. Songs S. Wonderful S. Marvellous, Let's Kiss and Makeup, He loves and She Loves, Me One and only. Time Date: 1934: Alvin Theatre: Gershwin?s musical Girl Crazy.. Songs Composed: Embraceable You, But Not for Me and my favourite I Got Rhythm, Sam and Delilah and Boy! What Love Has Done to Me. Gershwin was with us for a very short time (1898-1937). It is remarkable he had no interest in music until the age of 10 when he started to learn the Piano. This doesn?t even scratch the surface, Porgy and Bess and not even capturing his classical symphonies American in Paris, Rhapsody in Blue. How does a musician go listen to music come back home to his piano without sheet music and play it note for note. Under the Lamppost on 6th street looked up to the lights of a high flying jet. My family waits for me to come home and now find myself sitting in my window seat. Miss Opium reached out her hand holding my finely tuned uppers,neatly folded in tissue and gently nestled them into my hand saying, ?Nature makes common to us all.? I thought, and Thanked her and so does the music. Thank You for Viewing and reading this far........ Bunkie
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