Category: Expressive Traditional Art
Posted: June 17, 2018

Let your imagined Truth suffice

Fear Blinding Hope From Truth

by Raoul D'Harmental

Traditional Artwork of the Month Contest Entry 
Happy sunday to all! This is a sketch that was created to accompany the poem below. In summary, Fear is shown here blinding Hope in vain after she's glimpsed the 'awful' Truth. I know this is a bit cryptic but hopefully the poem gives more of a hint. Happy reading if you do! R

Let Your Imagined Truth Suffice

I know of one who raised the veil
In search of Truth, which like the Grail,
Promised, if found, all doubts to cease
And in their place leave lasting peace.
Judge his success from his account
Which here I will try to recount.

"Beyond the veil," he said. "I saw
A scene that made me drop my jaw.
Before me was a man who wound
A blindfold tightly, round and round,
A woman's eyes. Thick was the bind,
Yet 'Round once more!' ordered the blind
Woman. 'Brother Fear, help me blight
The Truth I have seen from my sight!'
To his grim task stuck Brother Fear
While he asked, 'Why did you go near
The abyss yonder, Sister Hope?
With Truth, I warned, you would not cope!'
Hope's curt reply was, 'You left me
Unguarded so I wandered free.'
Then she fixed her unseeing eyes
On me. 'The Truth that you seek lies
There,' she said pointing at the mist
Rolling behind her. 'But resist
Your urge, please, and heed my advice.
Let your imagined Truth suffice;
Blind your hopes and let your fears screen
You from Truth for once it is seen,
It remains; it's all you will see
No matter how blind you may be.'
Then, from her eyes, she raised the fold
To show there were none. They'd been holed!
Turning to Fear, she pled again,
'Around once more. I see it plain!'"

He, whose words I have relayed here,
Paused. His silence was fraught with fear.
Puzzled, I asked, 'What did you do?
Did you heed Hope's warning not to...?'
My voice trailed off. I stopped because
Mute in his face, his response was.
His dark eyes, which on me were fixed,
Spoke of sorrow with terror mixed.
In fear, I asked, 'What did you see?'
'The awful Truth,' he cried. 'Blind me!
Post Type: Traditional Art
Mixed Media: None Coloured and graphite pencils

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