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'Big Eyes'! : D

~ From the Shadows ~

by Sean T Phelan

Okay! Here's an experimental sketch featuring the pyksie 'Nuala' ( who - according to legend - was once a favored member of the 'Queen of all the Faery Folk', Her Majesty Great Titania's, personal entourage but was given, at some non-specified time in the distant past, as a gift to Great Lord Morpheus,the 'shaper of dreams',as payment for some mysterious service that he'd provided to the denizens of the Realm of Faery.
She now exists ( quite happily I'm told ) as one of the Dream Lord's servants!
Unusually for a Creature of Faery Nuala doesn't 'cast her Glamour' ( except for frequently changing the color, and sometimes the shape,of her gleaming,mysterious looking eyes ) but that's probably because she spends the majority of her time in the Realm of Dreams now with other 'extra natural' and (mostly) unseen entities and seldom interacts with Human Beings on a personal level anymore.
I experimented with the 'Big Eyes' effect ( a popular motif for many years in 'Manga','Hentai',and other 'comic art' styles ) so there's a pronounced Semi Cartoonish and 'Abstract' look to this 'exprimental' piece. ( And I added some selective Colored Pencilling to the image recently too! Just for the hell of it! : ) )
Thank you,Raven,for inspiring this one!

Post Type Traditional Art Mixed Media Minor
An experimental portrait sketch that started out as a Doodle and developed into something else.
It was drawn on a 12" x 9" sheet of inexpensive 'sketchbook' paper ( like most of my drawings are ) with a #2HB pencil stub,a homemade cardboard 'smudge stick,and it was given a few touches of Colored Pencil,especially around her 'big eyes'.

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