Category:  Nature Photography | Posted: September 9, 2018

Robberfly having a fly for lunch

The Assassin and Victim

by iPhone7

Insect Photograpy Contest Winner 
Assassin Flies or Robber flies are a diverse group of predatory flies that typically perch in an open area, swiveling their heads to look around, then flitting out to chase insect prey. Most have a long, tapered abdomen, a rather humpbacked appearance, and spiny legs. They typically rest with wings folded down the back. The face often appears bearded, and the mouthparts are a pointy knifelike proboscis for injecting saliva into prey. Between the two large compound eyes, the head is depressed, with three tiny eyes (ocelli) in that little valley. Many make a distinctive buzz or rattle in flight. They inject neurotoxic and proteolytic enzymes that paralyze their prey and digest their intestines.

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cropped, erased distractions, slight vignette, various filters

Insect Photograpy
Contest Winner

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