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Posted: November 10, 2018

16x20 inch, oil on canvas

The Morning Song

by Lucas Sizov Interested in this? Contact The Artist

Birds - Art Contest Entry 
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Hundreds of breeds exist and roosters of each breed has special characteristics and nature. What is one common fact about all of them? Crowing is typical for all roosters. They do it very early in the morning while it may be still dark out there. Some people like roosters crowing and some hate them for doing that. Actually, crowing tells the hens to stay close to the rooster and remain vigilant. In a case of danger he will quickly sound the alarm by squawking loudly and gathering his flock in a safe area to hold them there until the danger passes. If needed, a rooster will attack a predator to keep it away. During the daytime, a rooster often sits on a high perch, off the ground, to serve as a lookout for the hens. A good rooster will take this duty seriously and keep an eye out at all times for trouble. It's not unusual to observe a rooster busily pecking while tilting an eye up to the sky or scanning the perimeter. If he spots something, a rooster warns the flock with a series of low noise.
Did you know that roosters have bad senses of smell and taste, but good hearing? Roosters are larger than hens, usually more brightly colored, and have larger combs on top of their heads compared to hens. They can fly but because they are heavy, they can only go about 60 meters (200 ft). Roosters can often be seen taking advantage of foraging during this time, but they won't always be seen eating the food they find. Instead, they will inspect the food and then let the hens know it's there by tidbitting. This is a behavior where the rooster clucks softly and moves his head up and down while picking up bits of food and dropping them. A rooster also plays an important role in many cultures and religions of the world.
In my painting I wanted to create the bird in his habitat and show the spirit of a rooster.
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