Category:  Fantasy Photography | Posted: December 4, 2018

A Very Strange Event

A Rip In Time and Space?

by iPhone7

As some of you know, I just recently arrived in Mexico for my annual 5 month R&R. Last evening I was at the Malicon (the board walk) in Puerto Vallarta. I was looking for a place to set up for some sunset/seascape shots. I have posted several shots from here on FAR in the past. Well I was just walking on the beach feeling the cool water and sand between my toes when suddenly there was this Blinding Flash of light (I guess it was light as it was so much brighter than the sun that was fully out). Almost immediately there was the loudest BOOM I have ever heard. It made my ears ring. Now I spent many years in the Army Field Artillery and calling in TAC Air Strikes but have Never heard Anything like this. I had closed my eyes to the light and when I opened them this is what I saw. People were staring at this boat or ship or whatever it was and the sky looked like it had been torn apart, like a rip in time and space (if there is such a thing). I don't know, how do you describe this? I was lucky to get this one shot (didn't even have time for a burst) when there was Another brilliant flash of light and another Huge BOOM. It almost knocked me down this time. When I finally looked up all that I saw was the empty ocean and some people looking at each other and staring out into the horizon. This is THE Strangest thing I have Ever seen (or Not seen I guess). Now I am sure that many of you are simply scoffing and don't believe a word I have said. I don't blame you. I don't believe a word of it myself.

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