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Posted: January 9, 2019

White tail buck


by Shadow catcher

First of all,I would have liked this image to have been a lot sharper,but considering I had to photograph this guy through a window,it was rainy and overcast,It came out relatively well.I had been trying to get photos of this buck every time he showed up,but he was constantly chasing the does around and wouldn?t stay still,plus he always came around when the light and/or weather was bad.If you look at him,you will notice you can see only three legs;he is missing over half of his left hind leg,and that the right side of his rack dips down.For whatever reason,if a buck has a serious leg injury on one side of his body,it will often affect the antler development on the other side. We first saw this buck twice in 2017 during bow season,his rack was messed up then,and he was limping,the area above his left hind hoof was noticeably swollen,plus he had a gash across the top of his back,most likely caused by an arrow grazing him.In 2018,one of the hunters from the ?camp? up the road stopped to show me a picture of a buck that had been seen on someones trail cam,asking me if I had seen it. I told him we had seen it last year,but hadn?t seen it this year at all.Shortly after that,this buck started coming around,as our does were going into heat,it was then we noticed that he was missing a good portion of his left hind leg,and was limping pretty good,probably not having gotten use to it being gone. Didn?t stop him from actively pursuing does,which made it extremely difficult to get a good photo of him,plus the fact that he seemed to prefer coming out in inclement weather.I was amazed the late afternoon that he came out and actually seemed to posed,It was raining out quite hard,and the light wasn?t very good,but I was able to get some more or less decent photos of him,including some shots showing his left side. Around the time gun season started,he stopped coming around,most of the does no longer being in heat. He made it through though,we saw him one more time four days after the end of deer season,early in the morning eating alfalfa,so he managed to survive another year. Adjusted brightness and sharpness to improve image.
Post Type: Mixed Media Photography
Mixed Media: Some Photo of a buck taken through the window on a rainy late afternoon.Tried to make adjustments to brightness and sharpness to improve appearance of the image.
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