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Posted: April 6, 2019

End the Greed

Our Forests Shall Burn

by David Ruhl

Digital Artwork of the Month Contest Entry 
I didn't plan to write a poem about this, but the writer side of my brain had other ideas...
(at 3am when I'm trying to sleep, no less!)

Our Forests Shall Burn
(a poem for my art of the same name)

We throw trash in our oceans
we are polluting our air
We poison our rivers
doesn't anyone care?

We are destroying our forests
for lumber and land
We turn grasslands and meadows
into wastelands of sand

This destruction is driven
by corporate greed
How much is enough?
How much more do they need?

Until they will listen
until they will learn
until we can stop them
our forests shall burn

David Ruhl

The Amazon Rainforest has been described as "the lungs of our planet".
- More than 200,000 acres of rainforest are burned every day.
- More than 150 acres is lost every minute of every day, and 78 million acres lost every year!
- More than 20 percent of the Amazon rainforest is already gone, and much more is severely threatened as the destruction continues.
- It is estimated that the Amazon alone is vanishing at a rate of 20,000 square miles a year.
- If nothing is done to curb this trend, the entire Amazon could well be gone within fifty years.

Post Type: Digital Art Digital Composition | Computer Generated Paint Shop Pro with filters applied.


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